Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Punky Brewster (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Punky Brewster (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Punky Brewster (TV Series) is the Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures TV series planned by Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films. It's unknown if the show will be shown on YouTube.


All episodes of Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Punky Brewster (TV Series) are followed in every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films.

Season 1 (1984/85)Edit

# Title Original Airdate
101-01 "Punky Finds a Home, part 1" September 16, 1984
In Chicago, 8-year-old Penelope "Punky" Brewster and her dog Brandon are found living in an empty apartment by the apartment building's grouchy manager, 60-year-old Henry Warnimont, who owns a photography studio. Henry invites Punky to his apartment for dinner. In Henry's apartment, Punky tells Henry that it all started when her father walked out on her and her mother Susan Brewster, and then a couple of weeks ago, Susan said they were going on a trip. Susan, Punky, and Brandon piled up in their car and drove to a shopping center in Chicago, where Susan abandoned Punky and Brandon. Punky and Brandon have been homeless ever since. In the vacant apartment, Punky always had food that she could share with Brandon, because 8-year-old Cherie Johnson, who lives upstairs from Henry with her grandmother Betty Johnson, always brought food to Punky.

When Henry's search for Punky's mother is interrupted by a visit to his studio from Punky, Cherie, and Cherie's grandmother Betty, Henry takes some memorable pictures of Punky, Cherie, Betty, Brandon, and himself at his photography studio, and Henry has his hands full with a customer named Agnes (Elizabeth Kerr), who has fallen for him. Later, Punky decides to clean Henry's apartment while he's out, but when Henry gets home, he's furious, because he liked everything the way it was before Punky cleaned the place. Henry is especially furious that Punky has put his late wife Claudia's picture out on the table in the living room, because years ago, Claudia died shortly after getting married to Henry, and it still hurts Henry too much to look at that picture. After Henry's done yelling, he calms down and tells Punky that he's going to turn her over to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Punky decides to leave, thinking that she's a horrible person and that wherever she goes, no one wants her around. Henry spends 3 and a half hours looking for Punky, and when he returns to the apartment, he finds Punky in his apartment. She says she wasn't going anywhere, because it was raining outside, and she has decided to give Henry another chance to not be grouchy. Henry decides to let Punky spend the night in his apartment.

102-02 "Punky Finds a Home, part 2" September 23, 1984
On the next day, Henry tells Punky that he has called the DCFS, but Punky tells Henry that she doesn't want to go to an orphanage, so Henry promises Punky that she won't have to go to an orphanage. The DCFS sends inexperienced case worker Miranda "Randi" Mitchell (Talia Balsam), who takes Punky to Fenster Hall, a home for kids who are up for adoption. Randi later returns to Henry's apartment, and tells Henry that there hasn't been much progress in finding Punky's mother Susan, who may not want to be found. Randi also says that in 72 hours, the DCFS will have a hearing to decide who gets custody of Punky, and Punky said she'd like for it to be Henry. Henry has shed a lot of his grouchiness, and he is now beginning to love Punky, and he would like to have custody of her. But Randi thinks Punky would be better off with someone else. At Fenster Hall, Punky is introduced to her two roommates—Lisa (Robyn Lively) is an older girl who acts tough, and Mary (Morgan Nagler) is a younger girl who never talks. Punky wants to escape from Fenster Hall and go back to Henry's apartment, but Lisa tells Punky that no one has ever gotten past Mr. Tyler (Robert DoQui), Fenster Hall's security guard. Punky and Lisa get Mary to talk, and Lisa and Mary trick Mr. Tyler into going out onto a window ledge, while Punky escapes.
103-03 "Punky Finds a Home, part 3" September 30, 1984
An incredulous Henry demands to know one reason why Randi doesn't think he should be Punky's foster father, but Randi gives him three reasons—he's never raised a kid, he's not married, and he's too old. Henry tells Randi that he only asked for one reason. Punky shows up at Henry's apartment while Randi is still there, and Henry yells at Randi, demanding to know why Fenster Hall is so irresponsible. Randi counters that Fenster Hall is a modern and enlightened facility, and that they don't put locks on the doors. Randi lets Punky talk to Henry. Punky tells Henry that she wants to live with Henry, so Henry vows to get custody of Punky at the hearing. Randi has a look on her face that makes her look like she doesn't like that idea. Randi takes Punky back to Fenster Hall, and Randi introduces Punky to the Petersons (Mark L. Taylor and Donna Lynn Leavy), a childless couple. The Petersons are interested in becoming Punky's foster parents, but Punky introduces the Petersons to Mary, and convinces the Petersons to take Mary in as their foster daughter. Randi seems disappointed that Punky thwarted her attempt to place Punky with the Petersons. Later, Randi has a change of heart, and she represents Henry and Punky at the custody hearing. They're up against an annoying attorney named Lois Dent (Allyn Ann McLerie), who represents the state, and Dent says that the State has objections to Henry getting custody of Punky. Judge William J. Murphy (J.A. Preston) agrees, and then Randi unexpectedly but respectfully asks him to take back that verdict. Punky reads aloud a letter that she originally wrote to Henry in case she wasn't going to be allowed to stay with him, and Murphy awards Henry custody of Punky, making Henry her foster father.
104-04 "Punky Gets Her Own Room" "Lost and Found" October 7, 1984
Punky and Cherie agree that Punky needs a bedroom instead of sleeping on the couch every night. Henry, however, is reluctant to give up the only available room; his study. All he'll give is a maybe, citing the time and money it takes. With the help of Cherie and building superintendent Eddie Malvin (Eddie Deezen), Punky changes Henry's study into what Henry describes as a room so colorful, "it could blind a Smurf."(see Smurfs) Henry accepts the new room, because he understands that Punky needs something to call her own. One morning at breakfast, Punky discovers that there is no milk, so she convinces Henry to go to the supermarket. While Punky and Henry are at the supermarket, Punky is getting pizza samples from the sample lady, and Henry sees an old friend named Bud (Bill Wiley). Henry and Bud, who now works at the store, go to the store's back room. When Punky can't find Henry, she panics. Punky searches the store frantically. When she doesn't find Henry, she assumes that Henry has ditched her at a shopping center, just like her mother Susan did. When a frantic Henry arrives home, he finds Punky packing. Punky explains to Henry how she thought he ditched her, and Henry explains to Punky that he didn't ditch her, and that he was worried sick when he couldn't find her, and he says that he'll never leave her.
105-05 "Walk Pool" "Gone Fishing" October 14, 1984
Punky and her energetic friends are running circles around Betty every morning when she walks them to school. Scotty Lotabucci (R.J. Williams), the terror of the group, even leaves a "kick me" sign on Betty's lower back. On a bet with Betty that Henry can handle the kids better than Betty can, Henry ends up with the job of walking the kids to and from school for one day, and Henry regrets it. Needless to say, he doesn't do much better than Betty did...although the kids seem to like him enough. A bored Punky interrupts Henry's attempt at a quiet weekend afternoon, so, after telling Punky about a fish called "Big Al", Henry decides to introduce Punky and her friends to the joys of fishing. They're not exactly thrilled, but Punky's glad for the attempt, and a lucky streak at the end provides some fun anyway.
106-06 "Take Me out to the Ballgame" October 21, 1984
Desperate to see a National League Championship Series baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres, Henry tries everything to get tickets to the game. After many failed attempts to get the tickets, a desperate Henry buys the tickets from a scalper who is known as Lenny the Loop (Art Metrano) -- and the tickets turn out to be the wrong tickets. As a result, when Punky and Henry can't get any seats at Wrigley Field, Punky talks the Cubs players into letting her and Henry watch the game from the Cubs dugout.

NOTE: George Gaynes and Art Metrano would reunite in Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment and Police Academy 3: Back in Training.

107-07 "Parents Night" October 28, 1984
Punky's rich friend Margaux Kramer tells Punky that foster parents don't love their kids as much as biological parents love their kids. Punky sticks up for Henry, but she's later told that Henry can't make it to Parent's Night at school—Henry has to shoot pictures of Brandon for a dog food advertisement, because Henry feels the need to increase his income so he'll always be able to give Punky everything she needs. Punky tells Betty what Margaux said, and before leaving to take Punky and Cherie to Parent's Night, Betty goes to Henry's studio and tells Henry what Margaux told Punky. Betty sets Henry straight, and Henry feels bad about missing some of Parent's Night. At Parent's Night, Punky starts to believe Margaux's theory about foster parents not caring as much as biological parents do, but Margaux is proven wrong when Henry shows up at Parent's Night after all.
108-08 "Visit to the Doctor" "Go To Sleep" November 4, 1984
At Punky and Henry's apartment, Punky and Cherie are trying to make notes to give to the school nurse, saying that they don't need their booster shot. When Henry and Betty get home, they find and read the notes. Punky is scared to get her booster shot because she's afraid it'll hurt too much, so Henry lends her the "magic nickel" that his father gave to him when he was a kid. At the doctor's office, while Punky's getting a drink of water, the magic nickel falls down the water fountain's drain. Punky is scared that Henry will be mad, and she is again scared of her booster shot, now that she doesn't have the nickel anymore. While Punky is getting her shot, the receptionist tells Henry that Punky lost "some sort of magic nickel". Punky is brave and gets her booster shot. She tells Henry that she lost his magic nickel, and she's surprised when he doesn't get angry about it. She also tells Henry how she was brave without the nickel, and that he can also be brave without the nickel. Henry tries like crazy to get Punky to go to sleep, on the one night when Punky isn't sleepy. She eventually figures out that Henry wants to watch Die Fledermaus on PBS, but Henry is forced to relent and tries to teach Punky the ins and outs of opera. Eventually, the opera proves to be a bit lackluster, so Punky's "Revenge of the Slime People" ends up being the movie of the night.
109-9 "Miss Adorable" November 25, 1984
During a sleepover, Margaux tells Punky and Cherie that she enters beauty pageants because she wants her parents to be able to brag about her to their friends, and she wants them to be proud of her. Punky thinks that's why her mother Susan abandoned her, because she never made Susan proud of her, so Punky decides to not make the same mistake with Henry. Cherie, Margaux, and Punky enter the Miss Adorable Pageant, hosted by Andy Gibb (Playing as himself). In the talent round of the pageant, Margaux sings the song "I Enjoy Being A Girl", while her mother sings along in the wings. Cherie does a magic trick. Punky does pet tricks with Brandon, who doesn't really want to do any tricks. As it turns out, Cherie wins the pageant, and while Punky is happy for Cherie, Punky is sad that she let Henry down. Henry assures Punky that she doesn't have to win a pageant to make him proud of her.
110-12 "Dog Dough Afternoon" December 2, 1984
Punky gets a new rain coat, and then Punky overhears Henry and Betty talking about how much money it takes to raise a child. Punky wants to help out, so she goes to the nearby Midvale Bank and Trust to try to get a loan. Oliver Greene (Earl Boen), the bank's vice president, won't give Punky a loan, but he does give her the idea of starting a dog grooming business as a way to earn money. Punky, Cherie, and Allen start a dog grooming business in the apartment. Later, when Henry gets home, he sees the canine customers. When Punky tells Henry what she heard him and Betty talking about, Henry appreciates that Punky was trying to help by earning money, and he assures Punky that she doesn't have to worry about money, because Henry will always make sure Punky has everything she needs.
111-08 "Bye Bye, My" December 9, 1984
After a messy search in Punky's bedroom, Punky's favorite doll (named "My") is missing its head again. Henry grudgingly decides to try one more repair. Betty convinces Henry that Punky needs a new doll, so Henry makes the mistake of throwing the doll away. When Henry buys Punky a duplicate of the doll and tries to pass it off as the doll he threw away, that doesn't fool Punky. Henry demands to know why the doll is so important to Punky—and Punky tells Henry that it was her mother Susan who gave the doll to her. Henry understands that, and he feels bad about throwing the doll away. Punky accepts his apology and decides to keep the new doll, which she names Henrietta (after Henry).
112-10 "Yes, Punky, There Is a Santa Claus, part 1" December 16, 1984
It's getting close to a very special day—Punky and Henry's first Christmas together, and Punky is saddened that it will be her first Christmas without her mother Susan. When Henry tells Punky about some of his childhood memories of Christmas, Punky tells him that she misses Susan. At school, a bully named Billy Bahootsas (Danny Ponce) tells Punky and her friends that there is no Santa Claus, and after Punky gets home from school, Henry tells Punky that Santa is real and can do anything, but Punky is still not convinced, and neither is Cherie. While Punky and Cherie are out of earshot, Henry tells Betty that there has to be a way to convince them, which gives Betty an idea—Betty tells Henry that the school is having an awful hard time trying to find someone to play as Santa for Punky's class, and Betty suggests that Henry be Santa for Punky's class. With a little coaxing from Betty, a reluctant Henry agrees. At the school, Santa shows up at Punky's class, and none of the kids know that it's really Henry. When it's Punky's turn to talk to Santa, she asks Santa for just one precious gift—her mother Susan. Later, at the photography studio, as Betty helps Henry out of the Santa suit, Henry vows to find Susan.
113-11 "Yes, Punky, There Is a Santa Claus, part 2" December 16, 1984
Henry begins his search for Susan. After Punky puts a gift under the tree for Susan, Henry's detective friend Gene Doucette calls, giving Henry a promising lead that there is a woman named Susan who is in the hospital suffering from exposure, and she fits Susan Brewster's description. Henry heads to the hospital, and it turns out that she's not Susan Brewster—it's comically hinted that she's a prostitute. While Henry is on his way home, a blizzard sidetracks him on Michigan Avenue at Nick's Nook, an antiques store run by an old man named Nick (Iggy Wolfington), and there is something about Nick—especially since this is the part of Chicago that Henry was raised in, and Henry does not remember Nick's Nook ever existing on Michigan Avenue. Nick tells Henry that miracles can happen, and he offers to give Henry a free jewelry box for Punky, but Henry turns it down. On Christmas morning, Punky wakes up, and she can't find her mother in the apartment...but when she opens her gifts, she notices a gift that wasn't there before. It's from Santa, and it's a jewelry box just like the one Nick tried to give Henry, and Punky knows it's Susan's jewelry box because Susan's initials are on it. Also, Punky's gift to Susan is missing. Punky understands that Susan couldn't be there, so Santa took the gift to Susan and left the jewelry box for Punky, who has a great Christmas after all. On a hunch, Henry calls information, and he asks for the phone number of Nick's Nook, but he's told that Nick's Nook doesn't exist. Henry is now convinced that Nick was Santa.
114-20 "Play It Again, Punky (AKA Punky In The Record Business)" January 20, 1985
Hip young music teacher Tony Glen (Andy Gibb) succeeds where Henry has failed—teaching Punky how to play the piano. Tony's contemporary approach wows Punky, and leaves Henry feeling out of touch with Punky's generation. While teaching Punky, Tony performs an original creation of his. After receiving compliments from Punky, Tony decides to record his music for release with the help of recording executive Lonnie Dell (Peter Elbling), the owner of a record company known as Dell Star, but it turns out that Mr. Dell is a crook. When Tony auditions, Mr. Dell says he'll cancel a recording session with Prince, and work with Tony for $2,500 cash. A suspicious Henry auditions—after secretly turning Mr. Dell's intercom on so Tony and Punky can hear it—and Mr. Dell says exactly the same thing to Henry that he said to Tony, and this proves that Mr. Dell likes to take advantage of people's dreams and con people out of their money. Henry still feels out of touch with Punky's generation, but Punky assures Henry that he's fine just the way he is, and a grateful Tony agrees to give Punky some free piano lessons.
115-14 "Henry Falls in Love, part 1" January 27, 1985
Punky is hoping for a complete family when Henry is reunited with his high school sweetheart Maggie McLerie (Allyn Ann McLerie), who is now one of the richest people in Chicago. Punky eagerly sets up a re-creation of their last date to help Henry out, and it works, as Henry proposes. Punky's hopes begin to fade when Henry and Maggie get into an argument over Punky—if Maggie and Henry get married, Maggie wants to put Punky in a boarding school so Maggie and Henry can travel the world, but Henry is against the idea of putting Punky in a boarding school. Punky decides to leave and take Brandon with her so she won't be in the way of Henry and Maggie getting married.
116-15 "Henry Falls in Love, part 2" February 3, 1985
Running away so Henry and Maggie can get married, Punky says goodbye to Cherie, planning to go out west. Henry and Maggie soon discover Punky's disappearance, and all other plans are quickly put aside to search for her. As for Punky herself, she comes close to succumbing to the cold before Brandon discovers a junkyard shack. Punky suspects that it's a little too well set up to be abandoned, and she's right, as its occupant soon makes himself known. Teenager Zack (Meeno Peluce), a runaway himself, doesn't understand Punky's reasons for running away at all, and after she falls asleep, he goes to a pay phone and uses the phone number on Brandon's dog tag to alert Henry and Maggie. Henry and Maggie arrive and announce that the marriage won't happen after all, and they convince Zack to go to Fenster Hall.
117-21 "My Aged Valentine" February 10, 1985
Valentine's Day is approaching, and everyone seems excited, except for Punky, who's not too pleased with the attention she's been getting from her classmate Conrad (Chad Allen). Punky's attitude, that she doesn't want a boyfriend for Valentine's Day, leads her to punch Conrad in the eye after he kisses her. Warned by Margaux that not wanting a boyfriend for Valentine's Day means a lifetime of loneliness, Punky has a dream that she's 88-years-old and still living with 140-year-old Henry while everyone else has married. And then when Henry and Brandon leave with their significant others, Punky is old and alone. After Punky wakes up, Henry assures her that it was just a dream, and Punky decides that Henry will be her Valentine this year.
118-16 "I Love You, Brandon" February 17, 1985
Henry, who collects stamps, buys a rare set of stamps called the "Crowned Heads of Europe", and Brandon swallows them, making Henry absolutely furious. Punky takes Brandon out for a walk to let Henry calm down, and while Henry is placing calls, trying to find another set of the "Crowned Heads of Europe" stamps, Brandon is hit by a car that Brandon is pushing Punky out of the way of. Punky and Henry each blame themselves for it, and a veterinarian named Dr. Frankel, who has diagnosed Brandon as having a severe concussion and a broken leg, tries to save Brandon's life. Punky befriends Mrs. Carney, whose dog Angus is in Dr. Frankel's animal hospital too. Angus dies, and Mrs. Carney, who is devastated, turns down Punky and Henry's offer to take her home, preferring to walk home instead. Punky gives her a hug before she leaves. Brandon survives his injuries, and he goes home with a cast on one of his legs. Henry has built a new dog house to put in Punky's bedroom for Brandon.
119-17 "Punky Brewster's Workout" February 24, 1985
Henry buys a camcorder and a VCR to help with his photography business. When Allen, Cherie, and Margaux are over at Punky and Henry's apartment while Henry is out, and they're bored, they decide to make an exercise video, like Jane Fonda. They use Henry's new camcorder, even though they're not supposed to touch the camcorder, or even get near it. After they make the video, Punky and Allen fight over the camcorder, and they end up accidentally dropping it, putting a crack in the lens. After Henry comes home, he trips and falls onto the camcorder, and he thinks he's the one who broke it. Now Henry has to buy a new lens. Later that night, Punky is feeling guilty and decides to tell Henry that she and Allen broke the camcorder, which Henry already saw when he watched the exercise video.
120-18 "Gals and Dolls" March 3, 1985
On the morning after a sleepover, Punky, Cherie, and Margaux are greeted with the news that Dollyland has received a new shipment of "Butter Lettuce Babies" dolls. Henry goes to buy three "Butter Lettuce Babies" dolls—one each for Punky, Cherie, and Margaux—but he's only able to get the last one in the store. After Punky's name is the one that's drawn out of Henry's hat, the doll is given to Punky. That leads to a feud between Henry, Betty, and Mrs. Kramer, while Margaux encourages Cherie to go along with her and ignore Punky, who feels deeply hurt by that treatment. Henry and Betty realize that if they can't get along and be good examples for their kids, then their kids can't get along, so Henry and Betty end their feud and become friends again, and then they help Punky, Cherie, and Margaux do the same. They come up with a solution—Punky, Cherie, and Margaux can take turns keeping the doll for a week at a time so they can each have the doll.
121-19 "Fenster Hall, part 1" March 31, 1985
A masked boy goes in through Punky's window and steals her jewelry box, prompting her to follow in pursuit. The trail ends at an abandoned house, when the boy, T.C. Finestra (Billy Lombardo), unmasks and presents his findings to an older street thug who calls himself Blade (James LeGros). Blade takes care of TC—but only if TC steals things for him. Blade tells him to find better take to earn his keep, and then Blade stalks off. Punky, who has gotten her jewelry box back, feels for T.C. and invites him back for supper at her place, where Henry decides that T.C. should go to Fenster Hall. Henry and Punky take T.C. to Fenster Hall, where he meets Mike Fulton. T.C. tires quickly of Fenster Hall, so he escapes and goes back to Blade. Blade comes up with a plan for T.C. to steal the money that will be earned from Fenster Hall's upcoming charity auction, which is intended to bring in money for new equipment for Fenster Hall.
122-22 "Fenster Hall, part 2" March 31, 1985
T.C. returns to Fenster Hall to begin the plan to steal the money. T.C. still isn't much for the place, merely planning to do the job and get out, and his attitude is contagious. Mike, who has been trying to keep the peace, manages to get the group calm enough to get T.C. to talk. T.C. opens up to Mike, and gives up his tough guy act. T.C. tells Mike and the other guys in his group at Fenster Hall that his mother died when he was born, and that a few months ago, his father, Mr. Finestra, abandoned him. Mike tells T.C. that Mr. Finestra was wrong to blame him for his mother's death, and that Mr. Finestra wouldn't have blamed him if Mr. Finestra had realized that T.C. needed his mother just as much as Mr. Finestra needed her. Later, the auction starts, and Betty and Henry bid against each other for the birdhouse that T.C. made. After the auction, T.C. steals the metal cash box that has the money in it, and he's ready to give the box to Blade. But T.C., realizing that Fenster Hall cares about him a lot more than Blade ever will, has a change of heart and decides not to let Blade have the money. Blade unexpectedly shows up at Fenster Hall to get the money from T.C., but T.C. won't give it to him. Blade becomes angry and threatening. Mike comes to the rescue, and Blade runs off with the cash box. But little does Blade know that TC kept the money while Blade took the box, thinking that the money was still in the box. Later, Punky tells Henry that the police arrested Blade at the hospital, where Blade was being treated for a broken toe—Blade opened the box, and when he saw that there was nothing in the box, he got so angry that he threw it down, and it hit his toe.

Season 2 (1985/86)Edit

# Title Original Airdate
201-27 "The K.O. Kid" September 15, 1985
On career day at school, teacher Mike Fulton's friend, boxer Marvelous Marvin Hagler (Playing as himself), comes to Punky's class and talks about boxing. At lunch time, the school's most feared bully, Melanie "Moose" McGurk (Amy Dolan), takes lunches from Punky's friends, but Punky won't let Moose take hers, so Moose takes Punky into the restroom and beats Punky up. Punky wants to stand up to Moose, so Marvin trains Punky to be a boxer. In the end, Marvin tells Punky that she can't box very well. Later, Moose and Punky are preparing to fight behind the apartment building. Moose pushes Punky down a couple of times, and Cherie tells Moose that if she fights Punky, Moose will have to fight Cherie as well. And then all the other kids tell Moose that if she fights Cherie, she'll have to fight all of them. Moose gets nervous and says that she can't fight everyone at the same time, so Moose runs home. Punky and her friends celebrate their victory over Moose.
202-26 "Punky's Treehouse" September 22, 1985
Punky has a dream that inspires her to plan to build a tree house in the tree behind the apartment building. When Henry and Betty and the gang pull out of Punky's plan to build the tree house, Punky and Mike use a little psychology to motivate the gang into helping, and the tree house is built, with a lot of different colors of paint being used.
203-23 "Cheaters Never Win" September 29, 1985
Punky gets a D in geography on her report card. A big geography test is coming up, and while studying with Allen, Cherie, and Margaux, Punky just can't seem to get any of it. Allen says he's going to take the easy way out, and cheat by writing the answers all over his body. When the time comes for the test, Punky is stumped. When she sees Allen using the answers that he wrote all over his body, she cheats as well by reading the answers off of him. Punky and Allen are the only kids in the class to receive perfect scores on the test. Mike thinks that his tests are not enough of a challenge for Punky and Allen, so he gives them extra work. Allen and Punky study hard with all the extra work they got. When report card time comes, Allen and Punky can't understand why they got a C in geography. They ask Mike, and he says that he knew they cheated on the first test, so he failed them on that test, but then the perfect score they got on the next test averaged it out to a C. Punky tells Henry the truth, and he's disappointed, but once he realizes how much Punky learned from all the extra homework she had to do, he's not as disappointed.
204-28 "Baby Buddies, Inc" October 6, 1985
Punky and Cherie want to open a babysitting service so they can earn enough money to buy Betty a birthday gift, and Henry reluctantly lets Punky be involved in it as long as Betty is the supervisor of the service. Punky and Cherie end up mixing up two babies, giving Mrs. Rafer's baby to Mrs. Darney (Cathy Silvers) and giving Mrs. Darney's baby to Mrs. Rafer (Lillian Lehman). After solving the problem, Punky and Cherie end the babysitting service and give Betty a gift that they made for her—a dress that they accidentally sewed a pair of Punky's pants to.
205-29 "Tap Your Troubles Away" October 13, 1985
When it comes to tap dancing, Punky dances like she has two left feet, so she decides to quit tap dancing class so she can keep from being embarrassed, especially after Jersey Janet (Gretchen Wyler), the instructor, calls her a klutz. Henry, who looks like he's falling for Jersey Janet, helps her find a role for Punky in a recital that the class has been preparing for—wearing a bee costume and swinging over the other students, who are dressed as flowers in the recital.
206-24 "The Perils of Punky, part 1" October 20, 1985
Punky and her friends are on a camping trip with Henry and Betty at Lake Waxahatchie, and Punky and her friends get lost in the woods while they're collecting wood for a campfire. While Henry and Betty are searching for them, Punky and her friends decide to seek shelter in an old Indian cave, where they sit around a fire as Punky tells a ghost story. The cave proves to be not quite abandoned, and the inhabitants divine that Punky is the successor to Princess Moon, who has been foretold to defeat the evil Owa Tagoo Siam. After Punky and the gang are sent off deeper into the cave, their first look at what the evil spirit can do is horrifying to them.
207-25 "The Perils of Punky, part 2" October 20, 1985
The evil spirit (portrayed in physical form by Kedric Wolfe and voiced by David W. Duclon) conducts a campaign of fear through giant spiders, disappearing friends, and other things. Soon, only Punky is left, all of the others having vanished. The spirit attacks, but Princess Moon (played by Soleil Moon Frye in a dual role) appears and reveal the weak point of his attack; it only affects those who fear it. Punky forces him to feel the positive emotions of the world, and the spirit dies, bringing everyone back from vanishment. Betty and Henry find Punky and the gang sitting around the fire. Punky winds up her story, and they head back to camp with Henry and Betty, but not before one last goodbye from Princess Moon.
208-30 "Just Say No" October 27, 1985
Punky and Cherie are playing in the backyard when a girls club called "the Chicklets" show up. They say they love Punky's fashion sense and her tree house. They also explain to Punky and Cherie how being part of a club "is like everything." Punky invites them up to her tree house, and the Chicklets ask Punky and Cherie if they'd like to be a part of the Chicklets. The Chicklets want to make them members so they can use Punky's tree house for meetings. On the next day, Punky and Cherie say the pact to get into the club, and the Chicklets want to celebrate it by doing drugs. Punky and Cherie say maybe another time. Punky goes to Mike and asks him what to do. Mike hands Punky a book for the "Just Say No" club, and tells Punky about the club. On the next day, when the Chicklets pressure Punky and Cherie to do drugs, Punky tells the Chicklets about the "Just Say No" club. Chicklets member Kate (Stefanie Ridel), who is fed up with Chicklets leader Emily (Jennifer George), wants to join the "Just Say No" club with Punky. At the end of the episode, Soleil Moon Frye is shown participating in a "Just Say No" march in Atlanta, Georgia.
209-31 "The Search" November 10, 1985
Punky's feeling a little depressed because Mike has assigned she and her classmates to each work on their family tree. It's making Punky want her mother Susan back in her life. When Mike has a talk with Punky in the tree house, Mike tells Punky something surprising—Mike was born on November 23, 1955, and his mother gave him up for adoption when he was just a few days old, and he was never adopted, so he grew up in Fenster Hall. That inspires Punky and Mike to help each other search for their mothers. After six weeks of searching, Henry finally gets a lead on Mike's mother...and it leads him right to the phone number of Mike's mother Lois Collins (Janet MacLachlan), who is less than thrilled. Punky gets herself into a position to figure out more from Lois, finding out that she was 16-years-old when Mike was born. Years after Lois gave Mike up, she moved on to have another family. Punky makes a plea for Mike based on her own experiences, and while Lois doesn't take it well at first, Mike soon gets a visit to his classroom for a joyful reunion with Lois. The fact that Mike has been happily united with Lois delights Punky, who feels thankful that Henry found her and took her in after her mother Susan abandoned her a year ago.
210-32 "Love Thy Neighbor" November 17, 1985
On Halloween, Punky tries to play a practical joke on Isabelle Peavy (Fran Ryan), because Punky wants to get even with Isabelle for the way she treated Punky, Cherie, and Allen. Isabelle is a mean old lady, and Punky's friends think Isabelle is actually a witch. When Isabelle sees Punky trying to play the "flying foamie" trick on her, Isabelle takes Punky inside her apartment, and a terrified Punky runs back out, unintentionally leaving Brandon behind in Isabelle's apartment...and Isabelle may not want to give Brandon back. Punky gets Mike to go to Isabelle's apartment to get Brandon, and Isabelle explains to Mike the reason why she's so mean...because of something that happened years ago. Isabelle absolutely loved dancing. 12 years ago, while Isabelle was on her way to the Starland Ballroom to do some dancing, a kid on a bicycle collided with her, and didn't even stop. Ever since then, because of the resulting hip injury, Isabelle hasn't been able to dance, and she has hated kids ever since that day. Now, Isabelle becomes angry at Mike's attempts to offer some help to her, and she shows Mike and Brandon out of her apartment. Mike tells Punky what Isabelle told him, and Punky now wants to be Isabelle's friend. Punky, Mike, and Brandon later go back to Isabelle's apartment, but she's not answering her door, which is unusual for her. Mike kicks the door in...and they see Isabelle laying on the floor, obviously in pain. Isabelle explains that she fell, and that her hip hurts. Isabelle is rushed to the hospital, where she undergoes hip replacement surgery, and after she recovers, she's able to dance again. Realizing that her life was saved by a child, Isabelle rediscovers herself, and she apologizes for being so mean. Then she takes Henry out dancing.
211-34 "The Gift" November 24, 1985
The school's new cleaning lady, Linda (Bonnie Urseth), is a sweet, dedicated worker who is mentally handicapped. While Mike admires her spirit and Punky mentions how unfair it is that people like Linda sometimes get mistreated by other people, Linda's worried that she'll lose her job after Allen makes fun of her for miming along with a violin solo that Mike's class was listening to. Mike works to correct Allen's attitude toward mentally handicapped people, while Punky assures Linda that she's not going to be fired. The next day, Mike is setting up some musical instruments for a lesson when a conversation with Linda reveals that she may have a greater gift for music than even she realizes. Later that day, Mike brings in a person to play a violin's Linda, who plays for the class the solo from the previous day.
212-33 "Milk Does a Body Good" December 1, 1985
Henry invites Richard Whitney (James Staley) and his daughter Julie (Candace Cameron), the new neighbors, over for dinner. Punky, Cherie, and Julie are making a cake for after dinner when they see Julie's picture on the back of a milk carton, and it says that her real name is Jennifer Bates, and that she went missing from Lawrence, Kansas. Jennifer runs to her apartment and shows Richard the milk carton. The next thing Richard knows, Jennifer has run away, but Richard refuses to let anyone call the cops. Punky finds Jennifer in the tree house. Jennifer's mad at her father, but Punky tells Jennifer how lucky she is to have him. She then comes back in with Punky, and asks Richard why her picture was on the milk carton. Richard admits that after he and Jennifer's mother Roberta got divorced, she got custody of Jennifer and had cruelly been trying to cut Richard's visitation rights as much as possible in an effort to hurt Richard by keeping him out of Jennifer's life, and Richard loves Jennifer too much to be kept out of her life. Richard knew that Roberta and her new husband were planning to move to the west coast, which would make it to where he would hardly ever get to see Jennifer again, and he ran off with Jennifer so he could stay in her life. Richard decides to call Roberta and tell her where Jennifer is.
213-36 "Christmas Shoplifting" December 15, 1985
Misled by schoolmate Richmond Matzie (Peter Billingsley), Punky shoplifts a cashmere scarf for Henry as a Christmas gift, and unknowingly switches bags with Mike—and an innocent Mike is put in jail. Punky and Henry get Mike out when Punky explains everything.
214-37 "Urban Fear" January 5, 1986
A report appears on the TV news about the Northside Stalker, a serial killer in the area who has claimed seven victims so far. Betty and Henry discuss the situation a bit, with Henry telling her to keep it down so the girls don't hear them talking about it. The girls already know, however, and Punky starts to fear for Henry's life, especially when another victim is claimed. Henry remains committed to keeping calm, but Punky is drawing some disturbing pictures in art class and trying everything in the book to keep Henry away from night work at the studio. Henry assures Punky that it's okay to be afraid, but it's not healthy to let her fear completely take over everything she ever does. Henry also assures Punky that he does not intend to let anyone get him.
215-35 "Girls Will Be Boys" January 12, 1986
Henry comes home from his Benevolent Order of Buffalo meeting with a package for Punky that she won in a contest sponsored by a hobby shop. It's a remote-controlled race car. Apparently, with a name like Punky, the sponsor didn't know if Punky was a boy or a girl. Nonetheless, Punky wants to keep the car and race it, much to Henry' chagrin. Richmond Matzie (Peter Billingsley) and his father (Michael Alldredge) and the boys won't let Punky race the new remote control car on their regulation track, just because she's a girl. It seems that too many people are against Punky, so while Mike is setting Henry straight, Punky and Cherie take matters into their own hands, disguising as boys in order to gain access to the track, though they accidentally reveal themselves just before the race. Henry arrives to argue Punky's right to race, and she's granted permission to race. She wins, and after accepting the trophy, she says, "I'm going to put it next to my dolls."
216-38 "Cherie Lifesaver" January 19, 1986
Henry's old refrigerator breaks down, and it can't be used anymore. Later, at the school, Mike teaches CPR to his class while Henry is putting the refrigerator outside the apartment building for the Salvation Army to pick up. At home after school, Punky and her friends play a game of hide-and-seek. When it starts snowing while Henry is preparing to remove the door from the old refrigerator after buying a new one, Henry tells Punky, Allen, and Margaux to help him and Betty look for Cherie, who still hasn't been found in the hide-and-seek game. Henry and Allen are shocked to find Cherie trapped inside of the old refrigerator. It makes Punky and Margaux thankful that they learned CPR, and makes Allen feel devastated that he was sent to the principal's office during the lesson. Henry and Allen decide to learn CPR together, after watching Punky and Margaux save Cherie's life with it.

NOTE: This episode's plot was chosen in a home viewer contest, with the young winner being announced as he appears alongside the cast in an insert just before the actual episode starts.

217-39 "Changes, part 1" February 2, 1986
Henry shrugs it off when Punky sees fire trucks racing down the street outside the apartment building, and then Henry gets a call that tells him why the fire trucks have been sent out—his photography studio, his only source of money, is on fire. Henry and Punky rush to the studio, and they are told that the fire department thinks that the fire was started by a short circuit in the building's aging wiring. It's heartbreaking for Henry, who has been a photographer for more than 40 years and has owned the studio for more than 30 years. When Henry first opened the studio in 1952, he took out a fire insurance policy on it, but he never increased the coverage, even though he meant to in the early 1970s, but he thought it seemed too expensive to do it at the time. Henry worries that without a source of money, he won't be able to pay his bills. Henry worries so much that he collapses in pain, and is taken to Cook County Hospital, which is not the hospital where Betty works as a registered nurse. Henry is diagnosed as having a bleeding ulcer caused by the worrying. While Betty and Cherie are helping Punky pack her things so she can stay in Betty and Cherie's apartment while Henry is in the hospital, DCFS case worker Simon P. Chillings (Timothy Stack) drops by, and tells Punky that Henry wants to adopt her so she can always live with Henry. Punky loves that idea, and she tells Chillings that Henry is in the hospital, not knowing how big a mistake it was to tell that to Chillings. It later turns out that Chillings is a heartless caseworker whose last name fits him. Chillings visits Henry at the hospital, and after questioning Henry, Chillings decides that Henry can no longer take care of Punky, so Chillings removes Punky from Henry's custody, which devastates Henry even more than he's already been devastated. When Punky arrives at the hospital to visit Henry, and sees Chillings in the room with Henry, Punky is overjoyed, thinking that Henry has already adopted her.
218-40 "Changes, part 2" February 9, 1986
Punky is sent out the room for a couple of minutes while Henry, Betty, and Chillings finish talking. Betty suggests that Punky could stay with her and Cherie until Henry gets out of the hospital, and Henry thinks that's a good idea, but Chillings says that Punky will still have to be in Fenster while he sees if Betty qualifies as a temporary custodian. Punky is devastated when Henry tells her that she'll be going to Fenster Hall because Chillings has removed her from Henry's custody. Chillings takes Punky to Fenster Hall. After checking Betty's apartment, Chillings cruelly won't let Punky temporarily stay with Cherie and Betty while Henry is in the hospital, just because Punky wouldn't have her own bedroom in Betty's apartment. Betty rightfully doesn't understand that rule, which means that Punky is not allowed to temporarily share a room with her best friend Cherie at Betty's apartment, but Punky has to share a room at Fenster Hall with four girls that she doesn't even know. Later, at Fenster Hall, Punky traps Chillings in a closet, and escapes. Punky goes to the school, and tells Mike what's going on. Mike, who used to work at Fenster Hall, agrees to help Punky, but he needs to know which case worker is handling Punky's case. Punky tells Mike that it's Chillings, who took over after Mike left Fenster Hall to become a teacher. While talking to Mike, Chillings announces his intention to place Punky in a different foster home at the slightest sign of Henry being unable to recover financially or physically. Mike takes Punky to a phone in Fenster Hall, and Punky calls Henry...but while Punky is on the phone with Henry, Henry's ulcer has a major flare-up, and he collapses.
219-41 "Changes, part 3" February 16, 1986
Henry has undergone emergency surgery after his collapse. At Fenster Hall, Mike brings Cherie, Margaux, and Allen to visit Punky. Chillings is not convinced by the reports from Punky and Henry's initial assessment that Henry can recover and take care of Punky, and he's still set on placing Punky with different foster parents. To that end, he won't even allow Punky to see Henry in the hospital. Cherie, Margaux, and Allen have a plan to help Punky sneak out so she can visit Henry at the hospital. They get help from Punky's roommates Liz (Laura Jacoby), Anna (Judith Barsi), Millie (Tannis Vallely), and Weezie (Akilah Denson). They disguise Punky as Margaux and disguise Margaux as Punky, and to make the plan work, they make sure Chillings can't wear his glasses. Mike goes along with the plan and takes Punky to visit Henry, who is unconscious. While Punky is in Henry's room, Punky overhears Mike telling Betty that Punky may not be coming back home to Henry, because Chillings wants to put her with new foster parents. Betty tells Mike that in his condition, Henry doesn't need another argument with Chillings. Punky, blaming herself, apologizes to a sleeping Henry for putting him where he is. At Fenster Hall, Chillings performs a Rorschach inkblot test on Margaux, thinking that she's Punky. There are ten official inkblots. Five inkblots are black ink on white paper. Two are black and red ink on white paper. Three are multicolored. Sometime after Punky's visit to the hospital, when Henry wakes up, there is a note from Punky, and the note tells Henry what Punky overheard Mike say to Betty, and Punky thinks it's her fault that Henry collapsed, because Henry was worried about how to regain custody of Punky. After reading Punky's note, Henry starts crying.
220-42 "Changes, part 4" February 23, 1986
Based on the results of the Rorschach inkblot test, Chillings places Punky with wealthy Tiffany Buckworth (Joan Welles) and her husband Jules Buckworth (Robert Casper). The only reason why Tiffany wants a child is to help her own social popularity. Henry spends much of the day trying to call Chillings. When Henry finally does get Chillings on the phone, Chillings tells Henry that Punky has been placed with new foster parents. Tiffany and Jules live in a large mansion with a butler named Cuthbert (Dallas Allinder). Punky doesn't like being with the Buckworths, because she wants to be with Henry. While Jules is a kindly man who is always good to Punky, Tiffany is snobby and mean. Two weeks go by, and Henry is released from the hospital, but he's having a very difficult time adjusting to life on his own. Punky goes to the apartment to visit Henry. When Punky tells Henry that she wants to return to him, Henry vows to regain custody of her.
221-43 "Changes, part 5" March 2, 1986
Henry gets a loan from bank vice president Oliver Greene (Earl Boen) so Henry can open a new photography studio in the Midtown Mall, and have a source of money so he can regain custody of Punky. Oliver remembers Punky from when she tried to get a loan from Oliver a year ago. Punky is shocked to discover that Tiffany has bought a castle in the French Riviera, and plans for herself, Jules, and Punky to move to the castle. It looks like Jules doesn't have any say in the situation, because Tiffany's word is always final. The plan to move to the French Riviera is put on hold when Tiffany makes an all-too-familiar speech to Punky, causing a fed-up Jules to stand up to Tiffany, refusing to allow Tiffany to bully him or Punky anymore. Jules leaves Tiffany, and he takes Punky back to Henry, who is overjoyed. Sometime later, while Henry and Punky are out getting the adoption paperwork done, Mike is filling in for Henry at the new studio. Before Punky and Henry get back to the studio, Chillings calls the studio to congratulate Punky and Henry. Mike is surprised by what Chillings says—Chillings now feels that he's not fit for his job because he thinks the job needs someone who is more compassionate, and can stand the sight of kids, so Chillings has resigned from the DCFS, and he's now the new man in Tiffany Buckworth's life. After Mike and Chillings hang up, Punky and Henry return to the studio with Betty and Cherie, and they tell Mike that Henry has officially adopted Punky. They all celebrate in the new studio, where they take a lot of memorable pictures.
222-44 "Accidents Happen" March 9, 1986
At school, Punky makes a presentation about wanting to be an astronaut. Unfortunately, shortly after her inspiring presentation, the Space Shuttle Challengerfatally explodes soon after launch, resulting in the fatalities of all seven astronauts on board. America is observing national mourning, but Punky is hit especially hard. Mike tries to help his class understand the tragedy—especially Punky, whose dream is to become an astronaut, and because of the fatal explosion, her classmates think she's crazy. Not wanting to see Punky's dream die, Mike pulls some strings and manages to get famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Playing as himself) to have a talk with Punky about the disaster. He convinces her to go on with her dreams, and makes her a member of the Young Astronauts. Thanks to Buzz, Punky decides to be brave and keep right on going with thoughts of going into space. Henry is embarrassed when Buzz arrives at the apartment to visit Punky, and sees Henry wearing a dress. Henry is wearing the dress because Betty needed a dummy to put the dress on so she could work on the dress.

Season 3 (1987)Edit

# Title Original Airdate
301-62 "Reading, Writing, and Rock & Roll" October 30, 1987
After discovering that Punky didn't do her book report, and tried to pass off a report that she bought from her friend Farley "Spud" Blugner (Brent Chalem) as her own so she could impatiently get it done as quickly as possible, Henry cancels Punky's plans to see her favorite singing group, DeBarge, in concert—a move that Punky vows to never forgive Henry for. Henry thinks it over, and gets DeBarge to come to the apartment and tell Punky how important reading is. They also perform some songs for Punky, Cherie, and Margaux.

NOTE: When Punky answers the door for Debarge and then shuts it the second time,you can see a boom microphone in the top right corner

302-52 "Punky's Big Story" November 2, 1987
The fifth-grade class is putting together a newspaper, and Punky has landed the job of "human interest editor." It proves to be a very boring job, especially when the best she can come up with is a story on the janitor. After being introduced to tabloid magazines, however, Punky finds a new lease on writer's life as a gossip columnist. Punky soon finds herself in hot water with her teacher, her schoolmates, and Henry, when the gossip column does nothing but cause problems, especially when Punky's column tells her teacher, Mrs. Winston (Alice Ghostley), which class put a frog in Mrs. Winston's briefcase. Mrs. Winston thought it was her biology class, but it was her history class.
303-45 "Tons of Fun" November 3, 1987
Punky and Henry welcome a visit from Henry's niece Louise (Danielle Rioux), who lives in Toledo, Ohio, and Louise is carrying much more weight than she used to have. Louise handles the reactions with good humor at first, but after getting insulted by Margaux, Louise confides to Punky that she's unhappy with her weight. Punky organizes an extensive (and exhausting) weight-loss program for everyone, but Louise ends up gaining weight, and no one can understand why...until Punky finds Louise about to eat a midnight snack that takes up the entire kitchen table. Punky talks to Louise, and Louise takes her words to heart. Four months later, Louise makes a return visit, having successfully lost a great deal of weight.
304-46 "Divorce Anderson Style" November 4, 1987
Allen has been coming to Punky's house an awful lot lately, staying for meals and almost entire days. The reason is the fact that Allen is terrified that his parents Andy (Greg Norberg) and Annie (Margaret Willock) are going to get a divorce, because Andy and Annie have been arguing a lot lately, more than usual. Punky and Henry decide to have a barbecue as a way to figure out the situation. Things go normally for a while, but Allen states that they're only bluffing. Sure enough, things devolve into an argument between Andy and Annie, leading up to Andy and Annie announcing that they have decided to get a divorce. Allen is devastated, and Punky finds him living in the tree house the next day. Allen says he's never leaving the tree house, and Punky is shocked by the reason why—Allen has to move to Kansas with Annie. Allen doesn't want to leave his friends and move to an unfamiliar place. Henry comes outside and tells Allen that Annie is looking for him. Punky and the gang say a tearful goodbye to Allen, and Punky tells Allen that she and the gang will always be Allen's friends, and that they will always stay in touch with Allen.
305-50 "Beer & Buffalos Don't Mix" November 5, 1987
After their friend Joey Deaton's father Mike (Todd Susman) gives Punky and Cherie a ride home from school, they try to tell Henry that they noticed the smell of beer on Mike's breath and that he was driving erratically. But because Henry and Mike are good friends, Henry hesitates to believe them. Punky and Cherie go over to Joey's house to try and talk to Joey (Carl Steven) about Mike's drinking problem, and Joey gets angry and refuses to believe them. Henry and Mike notice that Joey and the girls aren't getting along, so they plan a trip to Six Flags to cheer them up. However, as they are about to leave, Mike drives his car into a garbage can, and Henry and Joey finally realize that Punky and Cherie were right about Mike. Mike decides to get help for his drinking problem, and he and Joey walk home.

NOTE: This episode was actually made after the "Open Door, Broken Heart" two-part show was made, but the episodes were not aired in the intended order.

306-54 "Hands Across the Halls" November 6, 1987
Punky, Henry, and Brandon's regular viewing of "Lifestyles of the Pets of the Rich and Famous" is interrupted by a small fire in the opposite apartment. The apartment's resident, elderly Maude Firestein (Irene Tedrow), is apologetic for the mishap, with most being sympathetic except for chronic complainer Pete "Frank the Crank" Frank (Bruce Kirby), who wants Mrs. Firestein out of the building. Inside Mrs. Firestein's apartment, Henry discovers that the fire is the result of burning pajamas—Mrs. Firestein was drying her pajamas in her oven because she can't make it to the dryer in the building's basement. Mrs. Firestein's situation turns out to be even worse than that, as her son is now married and living in Philadelphia, and her son is strongly urging her to move into a nursing home for her safety. After finding out just how much Mrs. Firestein has to lose, Punky and Cherie are determined to rally the building into helping her stay. A meeting of all tenants is called, but Mr. Frank's resistance, combined with everyone else's busy lives, almost sinks the idea. When Mr. Frank's father Ben (Bill Erwin) is revealed to be the person who's been chosen to take over Mrs. Firestein's lease, Mr. Frank throws his full support into Punky and Cherie's plan, rallying the building, and saving Mrs. Firestein from the nursing home.
307-48 "Open Door, Broken Heart, part 1" December 8, 1987
After Punky and Margaux finish grooming Brandon, an excited Cherie bursts in with the announcement that Lee Starker, the new boy in school, is borrowing her history notes. Margaux and Cherie excitedly discuss this turn of events. In her excitement, Cherie forgets to close the apartment door, and Brandon makes an escape. After discovering Brandon's departure, Punky organizes a mass search for him that takes up five-and-a-half hours, all of her friends' energy, and no Brandon. Cherie blames herself because she was the one who left the apartment door opened. Meanwhile, a boy named Joey Deaton (Carl Steven), who lives only three blocks away, has found Brandon, and he begs his parents to let him keep Brandon. His parents break down and agree to let him keep Brandon. While Punky continues her frantic efforts to find her Brandon, Joey's father tells his family that they're moving to California, and Joey can't wait to start over with Brandon there.
308-49 "Open Door, Broken Heart, part 2" December 9, 1987
After Punky's attempt to get the police to look for Brandon, and a teen con artist (Scott Menville) shows up with a bad fake, Henry brings up the point that there's a chance that Brandon may not be found. Henry, Betty, and Cherie try to cheer Punky up with a new golden retriever puppy, but that doesn't work. However, one of the flyers that Cherie was handing out ends up in the hands of Joey's mother (Alley Mills). Joey doesn't want to give Brandon up, but Brandon takes matters into his own paws and escapes from Joey and shows up at Punky and Henry's door, being chased by Joey and his mother. With Brandon back, Punky decides to give the puppy to Joey, who has discovered that he and his parents won't be moving to California after all.
309-51 "Best Friends" November 10, 1987
One day, over popsicle stick houses and big plants, Cherie finds love rolling in when Donald Sotta (Bumper Robinson) accidentally runs over Henry's gardening. It's love at first sight for Cherie and Donald, who start spending all their time with each other, and a hurt Punky gets really ticked off at being the third wheel. As Donald and Cherie continue to spend more time together, Punky finally makes her feelings known, and the demolition of Punky's popsicle stick house for lumber is the last straw. Punky attempts to get over Cherie by becoming best friends with Margaux instead, but that doesn't work. And things don’t work out between Donald and Cherie; all Donald ends up thinking about is baseball, basketball, and wrestling, and an apologetic Cherie would much rather hang out with Punky.
310-53 "It's a Dog's Life" November 11, 1987
Henry is just about to walk a very antsy Brandon when Punky walks in. Margaux has invited Punky to take a ride on her yacht on Lake Michigan, and Punky wants to go out shopping for things she'll want to take with her, but Henry won't let her until she takes Brandon for a walk and gives him a bath. Punky sneaks out with the plan of taking care of Brandon after she goes shopping, but when she gets home, she finds that Brandon has trashed the apartment. Henry comes home, and when he sees the apartment, he grounds Punky from the yacht trip, and she grumbles as she falls asleep that night, leading her to have a dream that Brandon is stuck in her body, and she's stuck in Brandon's body. After waking up the next morning, Punky is a lot more aware of Brandon's needs.
311-47 "The Metamorphosis" November 12, 1987
One night after dinner, Punky decides that she needs to talk to Henry about the life-altering event that she may need her first bra. A desperately embarrassed Henry calls Betty, but his comments about not wanting to see Punky grow up are overheard by Punky. As Betty attempts to talk to the girls about the changes they're going through, Punky storms off, thinking Henry will no longer love her when she grows up. Henry has to deal with things himself now, and during an uncomfortable trip to a store's bra section, Punky tells Henry what she overheard him saying to Betty. Punky and Henry have a talk that straightens things out as Henry explains to Punky that he'll always love her no matter how old she gets.
312-55 "Fighting City Hall" November 13, 1987
After another warning from Henry not to play baseball in a dangerous, abandoned lot on a nearby street corner, Punky is curious to see if she can get that lot turned into a park because the closest park is about 5 miles away. To that end, she gets Henry to be her spokesperson to the city council, despite his fear of public speaking. Their first attempt goes very badly, as Henry can't even get his words out, and he embarrasses himself on public-access televisioncable TV. Punky saves the moment by making the speech herself while he's gone, and they promise to consider it. At the next meeting, another man, Mr. Arnold (Frederic Arnold), wants to get a mall built on the lot, not realizing that Chicago has too many malls already. Henry snaps into action, rallying the attendees into reversing the council's position. The council (which also included one councilman portrayed by Michael Dorn) decides to turn the vacant lot into a park called Pulaski Park.
313-58 "The Matchmaker" November 13, 1987
Henry is being groomed for a blind date that Punky and Cherie have set up for him with Camille Maytag (Joyce Meadows), the school's librarian, and he's not terribly happy about it. His attitude improves upon actually meeting Ms. Maytag, and the success gives Punky and Cherie the idea to fix Betty up too. Despite Betty's protests, Punky and Cherie convince Betty to appear on "Dream Date." There's only two people standing in Betty's way to having a good time on the show: Shirley Toupes (Aixa Clemente), a beautician with an attitude, and Aquaria LaRue (Gloria Delaney), a spaced-out astrologist. And Mr. Dream Date himself is Chuck McKinley (Johnny Brown), a "stunt double for Mr. T" who turns out to have half the cool and twice the bulk. Out of the three contestants, Chuck chooses Betty. Surprisingly, though, they end up having a great time, just as Henry decides that he doesn't want to be with Ms. Maytag anymore.
314-56 "My Fair Punky" November 16, 1987
Henry is busily preparing for a visit from someone who might become the most high-profile customer he's ever had. Charles Cantrell (William Glover), the social planner for wealthy kid Robert Whitney (Ryan Bollman), turns out to be much more impressed by Henry's work than his lifestyle, but Punky, who is Robert's age, gives Charles pause. After a bored Robert invites Punky to his birthday party, which Henry is hired to photograph, the snobby Charles stakes Henry's job on a drastic improvement in Punky's refinement. In order to keep from embarrassing Henry and costing him the job, Punky takes lessons from Margaux on how to act like a rich stiff. Unfortunately, Punky's lack of actual experience shows through, and Charles thinks it would be better for Punky to wait in the kitchen with the help until the party is over. Henry stands up for Punky and loses the job, but Robert turns around and fires Charles, and then gives Henry the photographing job back. Robert had been wishing that Charles hadn't invited any stiffs to the party, because Robert wanted the party to be more fun than Charles wanted it to be.
315-63 "The Anniversary" November 17, 1987
Henry has bought tickets to the circus which is scheduled for the next day, May 9. When Cherie starts acting strange and says she can't go to the circus, Punky remembers that Punky's diary says that Cherie acted the same way on May 9 of last year. Punky wants to know why Cherie likes to be alone on May 9 of every year, so Punky decides to follow Cherie around on May 9—and discovers that May 9 is the anniversary of the day Cherie's parents, Ronald George Johnson and Elizabeth Marie Johnson, were killed in a car accident in 1981. Cherie is understandably still having problems coping with the tragedy. Cherie feels guilty about it, thinking that the accident was her fault because Ronald and Elizabeth were on their way to pick her up from school on that day. Punky talks to Betty, who says that Cherie never talks about Ronald and Elizabeth, not even to Betty. Cherie has never even been to the cemetery where Ronald and Elizabeth were buried. Cherie has kept her feelings about the deaths all balled up inside of her, and Betty doesn't think that's healthy. Betty thinks Cherie needs to find a way to let out her feelings about the deaths. An understanding Punky compassionately talks to Cherie, and takes her to the cemetery. As Cherie visits Ronald and Elizabeth's grave for the first time and says everything that she has wanted to say to Ronald and Elizabeth, Cherie breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. Punky is there to help Cherie finish saying what she wants to say, and it seems that Punky is making progress in helping Cherie come to terms with the deaths of Ronald and Elizabeth.
316-60 "Tangled Web" November 20, 1987
Punky is having an ongoing debate with Henry—she thinks she's old enough to see the R-rated movie "Slime Wars in Space", but Henry doesn't agree and won't take her. Cherie and Margaux have each seen it twice, and Punky feels left out because she hasn't seen it at all. Cherie and Margaux hatch a plan to get Punky to the movie theater during school hours. Punky claims illness at the end of lunch, and goes to the theater in disguise while Henry is working. But there are problems: Henry gets called in the middle of a job about Punky's illness, Punky's poor disguise gets a ticket taker named Claude (Lance Wilson-White) fired from the theater when he falls for it, and Cherie's attempts to lie for Punky almost get Henry to start a police search when she doesn't make it back before him. Punky does end up seeing the movie, and when she hears about what's been going on, she convinces the theatre manager (Robin Bach) to give Claude his job back, and Henry tells Punky that she'll have to work off the money that he cost her when the call from school diverted him from his important job at the studio. The job was to photograph Andre Sockstein (Alan Sues), the conductor of the Chicago Metropolitan Symphony.
317-59 "Punky's Porker" November 25, 1987
One day, at the Midtown Mall, near the space that Henry's studio occupies, Punky befriends a pig that's being used as part of a display for a farmer named Jimmy John (James Hampton). But Pinky the pig is a visual aid for different pork cuts, and is scheduled to be butchered. Punky doesn't want Pinky to die, but Punky's attempts to rile the crowd and appeal to Henry both fail miserably, so she turns to her friends and forms a plan to steal Pinky in order to save her life. It doesn't take Henry long to discover the new addition to the apartment, and Jimmy John is summoned to retrieve Pinky. In the face of Punky's pleas, Henry thinks on the spot, and convinces Jimmy John to feature Pinky in an ad campaign.
318-64 "This Spud's for You" December 1, 1987
One weekend, during lunch with Cherie at the apartment, Punky gets a visit from overweight classmate Spud Blugner (Brent Chalem). He tries hard to get Punky to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance, but to no avail. Spud convinces Punky that he has a friend named Farley that can get her tickets to any concert going. She takes the bait and promises a date to Farley, which is, of course, Spud's real name. Punky goes and visits his apartment to tell him the deal's off, and after she gets there, he walks onto the outside window ledge and threatens to jump unless she agrees to the date. In attempting to get him back in, Punky ends up trapped on the ledge with him. Part of the ledge breaks off, blocking their way back to Spud's bedroom window. They eventually get rescued by the fire department, and Spud confesses that he loves Punky with all his heart. Punky agrees to go to the dance with him.
319-61 "So Long, Studio" December 2, 1987
While Henry is closing his studio for the day, he is approached by Matt Glossy (David Speilberg), the owner of Glossy's, which is a $40,000,000 dollar empire of photography stores. Glossy admits that his real name is Sam Glossy, and that he thought the name "Matt Glossy" sounded better for business. Glossy is going to be opening a branch in the Midtown Mall, but he wants to give Henry a fair chance and buy out his studio rather than running it out of business. Glossy offers to buy Henry's studio for $100,000 so he can turn it into a branch of Glossy's. Henry, who has been a photographer for 43 years, accepts the offer, and Glossy hires Henry as the manager of that branch of Glossy's. But Henry feels so miserable working for the tyrannical Glossy that he ends up quitting. Punky convinces Henry to use the $100,000 he got from Glossy to open up a new restaurant. Since it was Punky's idea, Henry names the new restaurant "Punky's Place."
320-65 "Help Wanted" December 3, 1987
Punky is at the restaurant celebrating the beginning of summer, but lamenting that she won't get to go to camp because of a lack of money. When Henry's most valuable employee, Stanley (Brian Cole), quits his job after getting mistreated by a customer, Henry tries to find a replacement for Stanley, but to no avail. Punky tells Henry that she needs money to pay her own way into summer camp. Henry is reluctant to take Punky on as an employee, but he finally relents and gives her a chance. Punky's first shift couldn't go any worse than it does, however, and Henry promptly fires her. A hurt Punky wages a war of silence with Henry, until Betty convinces them to talk to each other again. Punky explains that she just wanted to do a good job for Henry. Henry, remembering his own tough father, agrees to give Punky another chance if Punky will be more willing to learn how to do some of the things that she made mistakes doing. Punky agrees, and Henry rehires her.
321-66 "Remember When" December 4, 1987
After a long day of collecting snowballs for storage and storing them in the refrigerator's freezer, Punky, Cherie, Margaux, and Brandon are ready to wind down. The worst blizzard in years strikes Chicago, however, and a series of mishaps leaves Henry, Betty, Punky, Cherie, Margaux, and Brandon trapped in the apartment without power or heat, with conditions too severe to travel in. With little else to do, the group reminisces about various situations that they've been in. After a period of time, power is restored.
322-57 "Unhooking Henry" December 7, 1987
In the middle of taking out the garbage, Punky finds an empty sleeping pill bottle. Henry admits that he's been taking sleeping pills for the past six months because of his back sprain. Of course, a back sprain doesn't take six months to heal, so Henry has developed an addiction to the pills. Henry resolves to quit, but he's re-filling the prescription within the night and delivered the same night by a delivery man (Meshach Taylor). Punky and Betty attempt to help him sleep naturally in order to cure the habit, but more than 48 sleepless hours pass before Henry makes one last desperate effort to get sleeping pills. Punky has to physically hold Henry from the pills, and that snaps Henry out of it long enough to dump his supply of sleeping pills down the drain of the kitchen sink. Punky explains to Henry that she wants him to be around for a long time. Henry understands, and he ends up getting six hours of sleep.

Season 4 (1988)Edit

# Title Original Airdate
401-67 "The Nun's Story" April 27, 1988
Punky, Cherie, and Betty are getting ready for a food-filled trip to a drive-in movie when there is a knock at the door. Punky answers the door, and it's a nun who introduces herself as Sister Mary Malcolm (Patricia Wilson) from Our Lady of Perpetual Agony, a convent that is collecting used clothing and household items that they can sell to raise enough money to get a new furnace for the convent. Punky checks the living room closet, and she finds a brass urn that she donates. Later, Henry, Betty, Punky, and Cherie get back from the drive-in. Henry opens the closet door, and asks Punky about the urn. Henry says it contains the ashes of his late aunt Mable. Henry plans to drive the urn to Evanston tomorrow afternoon for Mable's son Archie. Punky tries to figure out how to get the urn back, and Cherie and Margaux come over. Punky decides that the only way to do it is to go to the convent. After Margaux leaves, Punky and Cherie head out. After a series of mishaps at the convent, Punky and Cherie head home without the urn. They’re told by Henry that he actually had four of the brass urns, and Henry had put the one with Mable's ashes in it in the apartment building's basement instead of the living room closet. Now Punky knows that she did not give away Mable's ashes.
402-68 "Crushed" April 28, 1988
Punky has a crush on 16-year-old Kevin Dowling (Dan Gauthier), who is helping her install a stereo in the tree house. Punky tells Henry about Kevin, and Henry, who doesn't understand that Punky just has a crush on Kevin, vows to break every bone in Kevin's body. Betty, who has known Kevin and his family for years, calms Henry down by telling him that Punky just has a crush on Kevin. And then Punky is crushed when she meets Kevin's girlfriend Gina (Lisa Alpert). Kevin apologizes to Punky for hurting her, and he tells her that he likes her as a friend. After Kevin leaves, Henry cheers Punky up.
403-69 "Going to Camp" April 29, 1988
Punky, Cherie, and Margaux go to summer camp, where they learn about such traditions as T-shirt raids, and the kissing rock. But Punky doesn't seem to have the same romantic visions about those things that Cherie, Margaux, and their roommate Marcie (Tanya Fenmore) have—until Punky is kissed by a boy named Jimmy (Randy Josselyn). Also, Cherie is annoyed by Franco Grenolli (Shawn Harrison), a fellow camper who has a crush on her.

NOTE: Shawn Harrison and Cherie Johnson would later reunite on Family Matters but instead they become a couple.

404-70 "Poor Margaux" May 2, 1988
When Margaux and her parents go bankrupt because of a series of mistakes by Mr. Kramer's accountant, they auction off all of their belongings. Punky and Cherie use their skiing trip money to buy Margaux's favorite doll back for her—a true showing of friendship that Margaux appreciates. Margaux returns the favor by inviting Punky and Cherie on the skiing trip when her family later comes back into having money again because of a turnaround in Mr. Kramer's financial fortunes. Mr. Kramer scraped together some cash, and got a highly lucrative stock tip from his butler Jeffrey (Ivon Bonar).
405-71 "Brandon's Commercial" May 3, 1988
Brandon gets a shot at stardom when Churchill, the famous dog hired for a dog food commercial to be filmed at the restaurant, gets camera shy—and so does Brandon, blowing a chance for $1,000 and messing up Punky's dream of Brandon becoming a star, and for that, Punky calls Brandon a bad dog. After Henry helps Punky realize that she was the one who wanted to be a star, Punky apologizes to Brandon.
406-72 "Passed Away at Punky's Place" May 4, 1988
While Henry is in Detroit to pick up a new pizza oven for the restaurant, Punky and Cherie decide to run the restaurant for the one day that Henry will be out of town, and they panic when a customer named Ralph (Greg Lewis) falls asleep because of narcolepsy. Punky and Cherie don't realize that Ralph is just asleep—they think Ralph's dead because of the secret ingredient Cherie uses when she makes hamburgers.
407-73 "Christmas Hero" May 5, 1988
Punky desperately wants to give Henry a pocket watch for Christmas. When rich businessman Horatio Lake (Richard Kline) is robbed of a briefcase containing valuables, Punky solves the robbery and figures out that it was Mr. Lake's son Jerry (Donnie Jeffcoat) who took the briefcase. Punky tells Mr. Lake what went on—Jerry figured that he would take the briefcase and lie low with it for a few days, and then when the police gave up, Jerry would say that he found the briefcase. That way, he would be the hero, and maybe Mr. Lake would pay more attention to him for a change. Jerry wanted attention from his father after years of being pretty much ignored by him. Mr. Lake wonders how he could've let things get to a point where Jerry thought he had to do what he did and realizes his mistake of ignoring Jerry all these years, vowing not to let that mistake happen again. As a reward to Punky for solving the robbery and helping Jerry and Mr. Lake become closer than ever, Mr. Lake gives Punky a pocket watch, and Punky gives it to Henry as a Christmas gift.
408-74 "Cosmetic Scam (AKA Beauty Lesson)" May 6, 1988
Punky and Cherie sell cosmetics door-to-door for Lady Contempo Cosmetics—until they discover that Lady Contempo Cosmetics is a scam run by a con artist named Sidney (Casey Sander). Henry washes his hair with Lady Contempo shampoo...and he wakes up the next morning with no hair on his head. And the blue face mask that Betty rubbed on her face won't come off. Punky and the gang have to deal with angry customers who have also felt the various side effects of Lady Contempo products, and when they go to Lady Contempo to confront Sidney, they notice that no one's there. It turns out that the reason why Henry is bald headed is because he washed his hair with Contempo furniture stripper that Sidney had disguised as Lady Contempo shampoo, and the reason why the blue face mask won't come off of Betty's face is because the face mask is actually kitchen floor wax that was disguised as the face mask cream. While they're in Sidney's office, a police detective named Denko (Johnny Haymer) shows up looking for Sidney, who has cleared out.
409-75 "See You in Court" May 9, 1988
One of Betty's favorite patients dies and leaves her a Texan car with big bull horns on its hood, but Betty doesn't know how to drive. Henry's attempts to teach Betty how to drive result in Betty crashing the car into a tree. Because of that, Henry and Betty decide to sue each other, and they each tell Judge J. F. Taylor (Roxie Roker) a different story about what happened. It's Punky and Cherie who help Henry and Betty put aside their differences and be friends again.
410-76 "Radio Daze" May 10, 1988
Punky and Cherie enter a radio scriptwriting contest sponsored by a local radio station that has just changed its format from rock music to an old-time drama format. Punky, Cherie, and Margaux hope to win the grand prize trip to Disneyland, but they’re up against a pair of arrogant opponents, Garth Goobler (Jason Hervey) and Grant Goobler (Ryan Rushton), the sons of a famous radio star. The Gooblers have a strong script, and they steal a box of sound effect equipment from Punky and Cherie, but the girls quickly gather some more sound effect equipment and are able to pull off the win.
411-77 "Aunt Larnese Is Coming to Town" May 11, 1988
Cherie's aunt Larnese Barker (Marilyn McCoo), who is Betty's sister, arrives for a visit on Cherie's 12th birthday, and Larnese asks Cherie if she would like to live with Larnese in Paris, France. Cherie is excited at first, but then Cherie decides that she doesn't want to leave Chicago and move so far away from Betty and Punky.
412-78 "Dear Diary" May 12, 1988
A nosy Punky sneaks a peak at Cherie's diary, and Punky is shocked to see that Cherie has written unkind things about Punky in it. Punky is even more shocked to discover that it's a fake diary that Cherie wrote to teach Punky a lesson about nosiness. Meanwhile, Henry is considering getting rid of some stuff he has accumulated over the years. He has a "keep" box and a "throw away" box. Betty convinces Henry to put his Ching Yang Yang Ching lamp in the "throw away" box. It turns out that Betty has had her eyes on that lamp for years, and she has tricked Henry into giving her a chance to get her hands on it.
413-79 "The Reading Game" May 13, 1988
Cherie's cousins Paula (Victoria Lowery) and Bobby (Steven Hodges) arrive for a visit, and Paula, who is about the same age as Punky and Cherie, doesn't know how to read. As a result, Paula can't read the warnings and help messages on a bottle of fabric softener that little Bobby drank out of. Punky and Cherie show up and are able to read the bottle, and Bobby's life is saved. Paula now understands how important it is to know how to read.
414-80 "Ouch" May 16, 1988
Punky is terrified when she has to have her appendix removed, and angry when it delays the two week vacation to Lake Geneva that Punky, Cherie, Brandon, Betty, and Henry were getting ready for when she collapsed from the pain of appendicitis. It took Punky two months to convince the notoriously cheap Henry and his wallet that they should go on the vacation. After the surgery is done and Punky wakes up, Henry tells Punky that they'll still go on that vacation when she gets out of the hospital.
415-81 "No No, We Won't Go" May 17, 1988
The apartment building's new owner wants to increase Betty's rent by 60%. Betty is afraid that a 60% rent increase would force her and Cherie to move out of the building. Punky and Cherie don't want that to happen, and Henry agrees to see who the building's new owner is so they can make a complaint. It turns out to be Margaux's father, Benjamin J. Kramer (Thomas Callaway). Punky and Cherie get Margaux to go with them to Benjamin's office to protest the rent increase, and Benjamin finds them there when the building's smoke alarm goes off. Benjamin calls Henry and Betty to the building, and to keep Betty's rent from being increased, Margaux makes a deal with Benjamin—Margaux agrees to do her own nails for a year to make up the money that Benjamin would lose if he doesn't increase the rent.
416-82 "Bad Dog" May 18, 1988
Punky and the gang want to know why Brandon is acting so strange lately...and then Brandon is accused of biting a new neighbor, Ms. Jenner (Sandra Kerns), which is something Brandon has never done to anyone before. As a result, Ms. Jenner wants Brandon to be put to sleep (euthanized), so Brandon is taken to an animal shelter for a 10 day quarantine. While Brandon is at the shelter, Betty notices that Ms. Jenner's daughter Leslie (Heather Hopper) has a black eye, and Henry and Betty confront her about it. Ms. Jenner admits that she has two jobs so she can make enough money for her and Leslie to live on, and that the stress of having two jobs gets to her so much sometimes that she finds herself taking it out on Leslie, who is always the only one there. Brandon has been acting strange because he's been hearing the screaming that's been coming from Ms. Jenner's apartment, which is above Punky's and Henry's apartment, and Brandon bit Ms. Jenner to protect Leslie from her. Betty offers Ms. Jenner a place in a group called Parents Anonymous so she can get the help she needs. Ms. Jenner accepts the offer, and she decides that she does not want Brandon to be put to sleep. Brandon is released back to Punky and Henry.
417-85 "Vice Versa" May 19, 1988
When Punky is grounded, she has a dream that she's an indulgent parent who lets her kids do whatever they want to do. In the dream, Punky and Cherie are the parents, and Henry and Betty are the kids.
418-83 "Wimped Out" May 23, 1988
Cherie thinks she's a wimp after failing to prevent Punky from falling out of the tree house, and Punky sustains a broken leg as a result. Ironically enough, when Punky fell out of the tree house, Punky was trying to hang up a banner that read "School's out, bop 'till you drop." Later, while Henry, Betty, and Cherie are at the hospital with Punky for a check-up with her doctor, Cherie regains her courage in a stalled elevator, when a pregnant woman named Nancy (Patrika Darbo) goes into labor. With Punky disabled, Cherie is forced to deliver the baby.
419-84 "One Plus Tutor is Three" May 24, 1988
Punky's new math tutor, Walker Wimbley (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), turns out to be a Casanova who tests the friendship between Punky and Margaux by falling head over heals for Margaux—crushing a love-struck Punky. Walker turns out to be a jerk, and with Margaux and Cherie's help, Punky gets even with Walker.
420-86 "The Dilemma" May 25, 1988
Punky is in a sticky situation when she ends up having to juggle two dates—Brian (Chad Allen) and Tom (Ryan Tonet) -- at the Saturday afternoon movie, and Cherie carries a camera around with her and takes pictures of how Punky, Brian, and Tom deal with it. Cherie later shows Henry and Betty the pictures as a slide show. Henry and Betty think it's hilarious, while Punky thinks it's embarrassing.
421-87 "What's Your Sign?" May 26, 1988
During a firefly girl troop meeting, Punky befriends a girl named Maria Aragon (Illiana Esparza), who is hearing-impaired. Maria and her mother (Lupe Ontiveros) have just moved to Chicago from Detroit. Maria begins to think that because of her disability, she'll never be accepted by the other girls in the troop, so Punky helps Maria make friends in the troop.
422-88 "Wedding Bells for Brandon" May 27, 1988
In the final episode of Punky Brewster: Punky and the gang throw a wedding for Brandon and another golden retriever named Brenda, who is owned by Punky's friend Myron (Brian Rubin). As Punky and the gang prepare for the wedding and the wedding takes place, there are flashbacks, focusing on some of Brandon's scenes from past episodes. At the end of the episode, a picture of the show's cast and the episode's guest stars appears on the screen.

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