Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Out of The Box (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Out of The Box (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Out Of The Box is the Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures TV series created by Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films. It appeared on YouTube.

Episode ListEdit

All episodes of Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Out Of The Box (TV Series) are followed in every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films.


Season # Title Airdate Production code
1 "Feet First" December 3, 1998 101
Vivian and the kids dance while Tony plays the talking drum. The kids also play hopscotch and make foot paintings. The days ends with the Tony, Viv, and the kids play a version of "Cinderella" with the Prince learning how to dance.
2 "Playhouse Mouse" October 7, 1998 102
Vivian's pet mouse Nugget meets everyone and then gets loose and hides, prompting the kids to seek advice from a cool cat. Also: making a mouse house; and the day ends with the kids playing out a story of "The Lion and the Mouse."
3 "Doctor Octor" November 23, 1998 103
Following a checkup, Brandon pretends he's a doctor. The kids jump into a picture of a doctor's officer to learn more about what happens there. Also: Swampy is diagnosed with a stomach ache, so he's taken to a make-believe hospital in a cardboard-box ambulance.
4 "The Fuzzy Worm" March 9, 2000 105
The kids pretend to be caterpillars that transform into butterflies. They also act out a version of "The Ugly Duckling."
5 "Hats Off" November 17, 1998 106
To chase away the rainy-day blues, the kids learn about hats that protect their heads and how different hats are worn at particular jobs.
Unknown "Let's Eat Out" Unknown
(not aired on Disney Junior Canada)
7 "Sticky Icky" December 1, 1998 108
Tony gets into a sticky mess after he sits down on a chair Vivian has just painted. Also: the kids act out a story about a safari where they meet a sticky spider queen.
8 "Really Wheely" November 27, 1998 109
The kids work together to find a replacement part for a wagon that's missing a wheel, and later use the vehicle to rescue their puppets who're stuck in a pretend castle.
9 "Yes and Nose" March 23, 2000 110
After Tony brings fresh-baked muffins to the playhouse, the kids learn about their noses. They also make animal noses and use them to act out a version of "Pinocchio."
10 "Pick-a-Pet" March 29, 2000 111
The kids learn about taking care of pets. They also stage a version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" after making pet costumes.
11 "Ships Ahoy" March 30, 2000 112
The kids make a toy boat out of corks and toothpicks, and then act out a play about Captain Hook.
12 "Animal Antics" October 27, 1998 113
The kids learn about jungle animals by acting out a story about how the toucan got her rainbow beak. They also make animal masks out of paper-towel rolls and milk cartons.
13 "Tube Town" October 23, 1998 114
Fun things to do with tubes, including making instruments, constructing tube suits and pretending to live in Tube Town.
14 "High Fliers" July 17, 2000[8] 115
The kids make toy parachutes out of paper cups and tissue paper. They also act out a version of "Peter Pan", in which Peter must be rescued by an eagle after he forgets how to fly.
15 "Campout Kids" November 9, 1998 116
Tony, Vivian, and the kids pretend to go fishing, sing a campout song, and make up a version of "Little Red Riding Hood" in their tent. (aired on Disney Junior Canada only in October)
16 "Tall and Small" November 13, 1998 117
17 "Day at the Beach" October 14, 1998 118
The kids make a pretend beach scene complete with ocean waves and sand. They also act out a version of "Puss in Boots."
18 "A Place Called Space" November 3, 1998 119
The kids pretend to be astronauts and make outer-space mobiles out of hangers, yarn and paper.
19 "Box Full of Boxes" October 30, 1998 120
The kids discover things they can do with the boxes leftover from when they built their clubhouse. Included: a box birthday cake. They also act out a version of "Hansel and Gretel."
20 "Hands On" November 18, 1998 121
The kids have a "Hands-On" day, where they learn some sign language, make music using their hands, and craft hand-painted paper mittens. (*) typo'd as "1-12" in copyright registry
Unknown "The Gift" October 10, 1999
(not aired on Disney Junior Canada)
Unknown "Treasures" October 16, 1999
(not aired on Disney Junior Canada)
23 "Circle Circus" October 20, 1998 124
The kids pretend that they're part of a circus, complete with a strong man, a clown and a tightrope-walking "Humpty Dumpty." They also practice using hula hoops.
24 "Seeds of Imagination" July 27, 2000 125
Vivian talks about the seeds she's planted and what makes plants grow. The kids also act out a version of "Jack and the Beanstalk."
# Title Original airdate Production code
1 "Rules Rule!" July 20, 1999 / September 5, 1999 201
The kids learn the importance of rules as they play different games with balls in the clubhouse. Also: a version of "Cinderella."
2 "We're Cooking!" July 21, 1999 202
The kids pretend to cook their favorite foods. They also act out a version of the story "Stone Soup."
3 "Zip, Button, Snap" July 18, 1999 203
Vivian and Tony help teach the kids how to button, snap, buckle and zipper using songs and play-acting. Nick also visits a queen to discuss her fancy clothing.
4 "Scrub-a-Dub" July 22, 1999 204
Tony and Viv teach the importance of bathing as the kids make pretend bathtubs and bath toys, and act out a version of "Rub a Dub, Dub, Three Men in a Tub."
5 "Disguise Surprise" July 23, 1999 205
The kids dress up in disguises and play act a version of "The Little Red Riding Hood."
6 "Good Clean-Up Fun" July 26, 1999 206
The kids learn about sorting and organizing items while cleaning up the clubhouse. Also: they act out a story about "Neat Nick."
7 "Mirror, Mirror" July 27, 1999 207
The kids play with different kinds of mirrors, including a hand mirror, a hubcap and a metal tray. Also: a version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
8 "Blowin' in the Wind" July 28, 1999 208
The kids celebrate the wind by playing wind instruments, listening to wind chimes, making pinwheels and playing out a version of "The Three Little Pigs."
9 "Rock-a-Bye Baby" July 29, 1999 209
The kids take care of pretend babies by diapering them, making their cribs and singing to them. Also: they act out a version of "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe."
10 "Feathered Friends" July 30, 1999 210
The kids craft paper birds and make bird sounds after Viv brings in a bird feeder to hang outside the playhouse. They also act out a version of the "Emperor and the Nightingale."
11 "Eye Spy" August 16, 1999 211
The kids explore how their eyes work by playing an "Eye Detective" game, looking at a picture with hidden objects and helping Viv complete a jigsaw puzzle.
12 "We Got the Beat" August 23, 1999 212
The kids learn about beats and rhythms by playing and making different instruments. Also: a version of "Hansel and Gretel."
13 "Shadow Play" August 30, 1999 213
The kids make a shadow puppet theater and put on a play featuring a bird, a worm and a spider.
14 "Goin' Buggy" September 6, 1999 214
The kids learn about bugs by making a grasshopper, a spider and an ant out of pipe cleaners and egg cartons.
15 "Make 'Em Laugh!" September 13, 1999 215
The kids have a "Make 'em Laugh" day by telling jokes, walking funny and doing other silly things. They also talk with a court jester and turn Viv into a backwards person.
16 "Mon-stir It Up!" September 20, 1999 216
The kids sing a song about not being afraid and make a "Super Monster" puppet.
17 "Whose Home?" September 27, 1999 217
Viv brings a hermit crab to the clubhouse and teaches the kids about different animal homes.
18 "Unicornucopia" October 6, 1999 218
The kids create their own magical kingdom, complete with a unicorn. They also act out a version of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."
19 "Tooth or Consequences" October 11, 1999 219
The kids learn about the dentist and caring for teeth. They also act out a version of "Little Red Riding Hood."
20 "Happy Holidays!" December 6, 1999 220
Viv and Tony host a winter holiday party and learn about the kids' different holiday traditions. They also make a holiday gift book containing photographs and drawings, and perform a skit about the gift of love.
21 "Down on the Farm" November 12, 1999 221
The kids pretend to live on a farm.
22 "Pajama Party" November 15, 1999 222
The kids throw a pretend pajama party.
23 "Treasure Hunt" October 26, 1999 223
The kids make treasure chests and go on a treasure hunt. They also act out a version of "King Midas" to learn about nonmaterial kinds of treasure.
24 "Out to Lunch" November 1, 1999 224
The kids pretend to go out to lunch and practice their restaurant behavior.
25 "Whodunit?" September 27, 1999 225
The kids use their problem-solving skills to solve a mystery.
26 "Goin' to the Grocery" December 8, 1999 226
27 "Sing a Song" December 13, 1999 227
28 "Rainbow Colors" December 16, 1999 228
(**) no production code given in copyright registry
29 "Trick or Treat" October 21, 1999 229
Halloween fun. Included: slightly scary stories; a frighteningly good sing-a-long.
30 "Family Fare" December 29, 1999 230
(**) no production code given in copyright registry
31 "Happy Birthday to Us!" January 7, 2000/ February 12, 2000 231
The kids pretend that it's everyone's birthday by putting on dress-up clothes, playing musical chairs and making party decorations. (**) no production code given in copyright registry
32 "Revealing Feelings" January 11, 2000 232
The kids talk about feelings after they express to Vivian that they feel "bad, sad and a little mad" because Tony isn't at the clubhouse because he's sick. (**) no production code given in copyright registry
# Title Original airdate Production code
1 "Pattern Pattern" December 2, 2003 301
2 "Leap Frog Leap!" November 25, 2002 302
3 "Join the Parade" December 2, 2002/ September 22, 2001 303
4 "Winning the Gold" December 9, 2002/ September 20, 2001 304
The children hold their own Olympics.
5 "Brick by Brick" December 4, 2003/ December 16, 2002/ September 20, 2001 305
The gang builds a town as pretend construction workers.
6 "Dinosaur Romp" May 3, 2004/ December 23, 2002 306
Tony, Viv and the children explore dinosaurs.
7 "Topsy Tempo" December 30, 2002 307
8 "Weather or Not!" May 6, 2004 308
Different kinds of weather.
9 "It's Mother's Day!" May 5, 2003 309
The kids rehearse their performance and make personalized invitations to their mothers. Note:This is the first episode that Tony ever played his acoustic guitar during whole episode including the Goodbye Song to show to Vivian. Note 2:Tony introduces first instead of Vivian like in "Trick or Treat"
10 "Listen Up!" March 3, 2003/ September 25, 2001 310
The differences between loud and soft sounds.
11 "Thinkin' Lincoln" December 16, 2002 311
12 "Horsing Around" March 10, 2003 312
Pretending to be horses.
13 "Making Mistakes" March 17, 2003 313
The group makes up mistakes.
14 "Tickets Please!" March 24, 2003 314
Playing carnival games. They also act out a story about the three billy goats gruff getting stopped by a competive troll on the way to a carnival.
15 "Pop to It!" May 10, 2004[7] / May 15, 2004 315
A make believe trip to the movies.
16 "Read the Signs" May 14, 2004 316
The kids learn how to read signs and follow directions.
17 "First Things First" May 17, 2004 317
The importance of order.
18 "A One and a Two" May 21, 2004 318
The kids learn how to have fun playing alone.
19 "Bendy Stretchy" August 2, 2004 319
The importance of bending and stretching.
20 "Alike and Different" December 23, 2002 320
21 (or 23?) "Happy New Year!" January 1, 2003 321
(not listed in copyright registry or aired on Disney Junior Canada)
22 "It's Father's Day" June 9, 2003 322
The children play games with their dads and pretend to be fathers themselves.
23 (or 21?) "Surprise, Surprise" September 20, 2004 323
The kids learn the importance of friends and sharing. (**) not listed in copyright registry
24 "Wonderful Words! (*)" August 4, 2004 324
The kids act out a rhyming story. (*) misspelled in the copyright registry as "Wonderful World"
25 "Kids Are Kids" September 27, 2004 325
The kids learn about accepting differences.
26 "Nutcracker Sweet" August 10, 2004 326
The kids act out the "Nutcracker Story."

The Episodes Are Going To Be Followed In Every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures Movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films


  • Alvin, Baby Kermit, Baby Bugs Bunny, Papa Smurf, Alf, Garfield, Ash Ketchum, Tai and all characters are heroes will guest star in this TV Show.