Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Quack Pack (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Quack Pack (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Quack Pack (TV Series) is the Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures TV series planned by Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films. It's unknown if the show will be shown on YouTube.


All episodes of Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Quack Pack (TV Series) are followed in every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films.

Title Synopsis Airdate No.
"The Really Mighty Ducks" Tired of being nagged at by Donald to clean their room, the boys seek the help of Ludwig Von Drake and find a machine that turns them into superheroes known as the Tremendously Talented Trio of Truly Trusted Trouble-Shooters or "The T Squad" for short, thus deterring Donald from hassling them. But when Donald uses the machine himself and transforms into the supervillain "The Duck of Doom", things start to get out of hand. September 3, 1996 1
"Island of the Not-So-Nice" The boys decide to take Daisy's pet iguana for a walk, promising that nothing bad will happen. But when they get kidnapped by a mad scientist with a machine that can turn lifeforms back into their prehistoric ancestors, they find they might not be able to come through on that promise. September 4, 1996 2
"Leader of the Quack" The group go to a village still stuck in the Medieval period, where the people there hail Donald as their savior for defeating a dragon and make him their king. It seems glamorous at first, but Donald soon realizes that being a king is not all fun and games. September 5, 1996 3
"All Hands on Duck!" When Donald and Daisy go to do a report on a Naval vessell, it is revealed that Donald still owes them 24 hours of worktime, and his C.O. is content on giving him a hard time as comeuppance for all the times Donald has thrown him overboard. September 10, 1996 4
"Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy" Donald hires a new, shady assistant. Meanwhile, the boys get a new pack of cards of infamous criminals and Donald's new assistant is among them. Can they convince Donald of this before it's too late? September 11, 1996 5
"Need 4 Speed" When Donald has nightmarish visions of what will happen to his nephews if he lets them drive, he refuses to let them have a car. But when a champion racer has his eyes on Daisy, he promises the boys a car if they help him win the race. Only Donald isn't likely to give the boys exactly what they want. September 12, 1996 6
"The Germinator" The group encounters a mad scientist who has devised a machine that can shrink things down to microscopic size and uses it to make Donald sick. Can the boys stop him? September 17, 1996 7
"The Late Donald Duck" Donald draws the ire of his boss Kent Powers when he shows up to work late. To try and keep his job, he writes a story, hoping he'll buy it. September 18, 1996 8
"Tasty Paste" The boys become the new CEOs of a company that sells an addictive new snack and become filthy rich. But they're so into their wealth that they forget that there are some things money can't buy. September 19, 1996 9
"Phoniest Home Videos" When the boys submit a video of Donald's dish installation gone awry to a T.V. studio, the producer is enthralled with it and decides to make it a regular on the network. However, when things don't go the way the producer wants them to, he hatches a few contingency plans to make sure Donald injures himself to the amusement of the viewers. September 24, 1996 10
"Return of the T-Squad" When Donald is kidnapped by aliens who tried to dominate Earth but were foiled by Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie must once again don their capes and tights as the T-Squad to rescue him. But they soon learn that even the most daunting tasks can be solved without superpowers. September 25, 1996 11
"Koi Story" The group encounters a stranger who keeps a rare, giant fish couped up in a huge bowl, content on keeping him happy. But he doesn't know that his pet isn't happy, nor does he realize what he wants. September 26, 1996 12
"Ready, Aim... Duck!" After Donald trashes the house while playing the boys' Captain Jack virtual reality game, he makes up lies on the spot to hide the truth. Donald then has visions of Captain Jack ordering him to confess. But Donald ignores this and eventually draws the ire of a dangerous criminal known as "The Claw". October 1, 1996 13
"Pardon My Molecules" While on a trip to the desert, Huey and Dewey's game of race cars leads to a bitter argument. Meanwhile, Donald and Daisy head to a secret lab where they're kidnapped by a scientist who wants revenge on Daisy for ridiculing his painting years ago. But when Huey and Dewey are merged by one of the scientist's inventions, they must learn to work together to save their uncle and Daisy. October 2, 1996 14
"Unusual Suspects" New neighbors move in next to Donald and his nephews and Donald decides to scope them out. But while they pretend to be normal, they hide a dark secret. October 3, 1996 15
"Ducklaration of Independence" Dewey has become fed up with his brothers intruding on his space and decided to search for a hidden place they're currently looking for. But when he finds a hermit in it content on keeping to himself, he realizes he might not be able to cope with a life of solitude afterall. October 8, 1996 16
"Can't Take a Yolk" When Huey, Dewey and Louie get grounded after playing a practical joke on their uncle, they order some retro-growth formula to shrink a tree to get out of the yard work Donald set them. However, Donald accidentally uses the formula on himself and it is slowly turning him younger and younger. October 9, 1996 17
"Heavy Dental" Huey wants to enter a cool teen contest, so wants to look his very best. But when he goes to the dentist to get his teeth whitened, he's outfitted with what he believes to be braces, but it is in reality a special mind-control device intended for someone else and the mastermind will stop at nothing to get it back. October 10, 1996 18
"Duck Quake" The boys remember the horror of their terrible camping situation from last year. So they employ the help of Ludwig Von Drake and trick Donald into thinking there will be a huge earthquake in Duckburg, thus pressuring him to buy provisions that the boys intend to use on the next school camping trip. But when Donald catches wind of their true intentions, he uses the boys own earthquake device to get revenge on them. October 15, 1996 19
"Long Arm of the Claw" Donald cowers in fear when he hears that The Claw has been released from jail and is seeking revenge. To make things really intense, he and his mother move next door to him. The Claw, who has undergone rehabilitation, seems to have changed his ways. But his mother tells him that the process wasn't perfect and that he can still go back to his old criminal self. October 16, 1996 20
"Shrunken Heroes" Louie is arrested after attempting to foil poachers' plot to sell endangered animals to tourists and Daisy tries to coax him out of taking the law into his own hands. Louie then meets his hero who tried the same stunt and after a microscopic adventure learns that law enforcement should be left to the pros. October 17, 1996 21
"Snow Place to Hide" When Daisy goes on a ski trip with their boss Kent Powers, Donald becomes jealous of the whole thing and tails her to ensure her commitment to him, and is letting his greened-eyed monster of jealousy call all the shots. October 22, 1996 22
"Huey Duck, P.I." Huey becomes enticed by a T.V. show and passes himself off as a professional agent. But when he gets in the thick of things, he realizes that it's never as easy as television makes it. October 23, 1996 23
"Take My Duck, Please!" The boys are getting tired of having to work all the time and want to have fun. When they and Donald see a commercial for an exchange program to Switzerland they immediately agree it would be a great idea. Donald gets a prim and proper girl in exchange and the boys get to have fun. But when Donald finds out that she's not the sweet angel the ads make her and the boys encounter a slave driving alien disguised as their guardian, they start to doubt the switch. October 24, 1996 24
"Ducks by Nature" Fed up with the boys just sitting on the couch watching television, Donald takes them to a camp where they're reluctant at first, but soon find themselves competing for the affection of another fellow camper. Meanwhile, the counsellor, Beef Jerky, takes Donald for a weakling and Donald decides to join the trip to prove him wrong. October 29, 1996 25
"Recipe for Adventure" The group goes with Gwumpki to his home country where he's to cook his special burgers for his queen. But when they arrive, a stranger tries to blackmail Gwumpki to cook his burgers so that he can get his hands on a powerful relic to control the world. October 30, 1996 26
"The Boy Who Cried Ghost" On their way to a Halloween party, Dewey's pranks go too far, leaving them stranded and forced to spend the night in a creepy mansion. But when it turns out to be really haunted, Dewey has a hard time convincing the others that it's not one of his practical jokes. October 31, 1996 27
"I.O.U. a U.F.O." The family travels out into the desert and Dewey claims to see a U.F.O., much to the disbelief of the others. But when he gets the help from one of the locals, Dewey's curiosity soon lands him in a heap of trouble. November 5, 1996 28
"Gator Aid" The group visit an alligator farm where they find that all the alligators have been wrangled with the exception of one female who develops a crush on Donald. Their hunt for the gators leads them to an operation to rob a gold depository. November 6, 1996 29
"None Like It Hot" Louie's quest for the latest Mantis Boy comic leads him and his brothers to discover a madman's plot to submerge the earth in an intense heatwave. November 7, 1996 30
"Ducky Dearest" When a commercial on television leads Donald to doubt the integrity of his nephews, he gives in and buys a kit to try and become the perfect parent. Little does he know about the scam behind the commercial. November 12, 1996 31
"Transmission: Impossible" When the boys destroy Donald's new ninja lumberjack tape, he loses trust in them and he and Daisy refuse to believe anything they say. But when a thief uses security cameras as portals to steal valuable artifacts, the pressure is on to convince them of the truth. November 13, 1996 32
"Nosy Neighbors" After a series of thefts in Donald's neighborhood, he joins the Nosy Neighbors neighborhood watch group and gets carried away with defending his home turf. November 14, 1996 33
"Hit the Road, Backwater Jack" After the boys find a treasure map, they decide to follow it and bring Backwater Jack along so they can shoot his next adventure, only Jack's not the adventurer he makes himself out to be in his books. November 19, 1996 34
"Cat and Louse" When the group interviews a cat and lion trainer, Huey's fear of house cats resurfaces. Dewey and Louie plan to discover how his fear first came about and learn it may be connected to the trainer. When the trainer discovers the group has found out he is not only training his cats to do harmless tricks, he sets out for revenge. Can Huey overcome his fear before his family get into real trouble? November 20, 1996 35
"Hero Today, Don Tomorrow" The boys become enticed by the new superhero Flint Steel and Donald becomes jealous. To try and get the boys attention again, Donald tries to convince them that he knew Flint Steel from his youth. November 21, 1996 36
"Captain Donald" Kent Powers lets Donald become captain of his yacht on a cruise when they run into a hurricane and are stranded on an island where a sinister pirate befriends them so they can use them to find a legendary treasure. November 26, 1996 37
"Stunt Double or Nothing" When a newspaper reveals that the viewers prefer Daisy over Kent Powers, he becomes enraged at the news and has a trained ape do all his stunts for him to increase his popularity. At the same time, he threatens to fire Donald and Daisy if any of his property gets damaged from their antics. November 27, 1996 38
"Feats of Clay" While visiting China, Huey is seduced by a local girl who turns out to be bent on world domination. November 28, 1996 39

The Episodes Are Going To Be Followed In Every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures Movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films


  • Alvin Seville, Baby Bugs Bunny, Baby Kermit, Winnie The Pooh, Tiana, Charlie Brown, and all characters will guest star in this show.