Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Rugrats (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Rugrats (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Rugrats is another new upcoming movie with Cartoon All-Stars/Rugrats crossover by Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films. It will appear on YouTube somewhere in the near future.


All episodes of Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Rugrats (TV Series) are followed in every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films.

Pilot (1990)Edit

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Title Original air date Code
1 1 "Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing" May 21, 1990 101
Tommy tries to figure out what a toilet is. 


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Title Original air date Code
1 1 "Tommy's First Birthday" August 11, 1991 101
Stu and Didi strive to make Tommy's first birthday a memorable one. They did, but under the wrong circumstances. Meanwhile Tommy wants to eat dog food so he can be just like Spike, eventually selling the other Rugrats on the idea. 
2 2 "Barbecue Story / Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup" August 18, 1991 102

Tommy has received his favorite toy in the whole wide world: a ball. Angelica, who is always looking to spoil the rugrats' fun, takes the ball and tosses it into the next yard, resulting in the babies risking life and limb looking for it.; Stu and Didi end up taking Tommy to an important dinner at Chez Ennui with Mr. Mucklehoney (president of Mucklehoney Industries, a toy company), since Tiffany the babysitter (via telephone) and Grandpa had different plans (the babysitter's other goldfish died and Grandpa was going bowling with a friend of his, Louise). Tommy, however, has plans of his own.

Note: The title card sequences has been shortened, only lasts 2/3 seconds. 

3 3 "At the Movies / The Slumber Party" August 25, 1991 103

Tommy wants to see a new movie about Reptar, but the parents take him, and all the other rugrats to see "The Land Without Smiles", a movie about Dummi Bears. The rugrats sneak out of the movie to go and see Reptar (also showing in the same theater), but instead leave a trail of destruction.; Angelica sleeps over at Tommy's house, but her desire for an open window ends up getting Tommy sick, eventually leading to him barfing on her.

Note: in this episode, the reptar movies is similar to Godzilla, King of the Monsters

4 4 "Baby Commercial / Little Dude" September 1, 1991 104
Betty talks about her trials and tribulations regarding placing Phil and Lil in a diaper commercial.; Didi takes Tommy to her workplace - a local high school, for use as a visual aid. 
5 5 "The Beauty Contest / Baseball" September 8, 1991 105
Having desire for the Kingfisher 9000 (a top-of-the-line sports boat), Stu and Grandpa enter Tommy into a beauty contest by placing him in girls clothes and a wig, and naming him "Tonya". Their main competitor - Angelica.; Using tickets Grandpa had won in a radio contest, Stu and Grandpa take Tommy to the Grizzlies' baseball game, where they play the Boston Bombers. Tommy, however, is more interested in finding his bear balloon 
6 6 "Ruthless Tommy / Moose Country" September 15, 1991 106
Being mistaken for the son of millionaire Ronald Thump, Tommy is kidnapped by thugs Bob and Mike.; After hearing Grandpa's mythical story about a moose, the Rugrats go look for one. 
7 7 "Grandpa's Teeth / Momma Trauma" September 22, 1991 107
At a picnic, Spike steals Grandpa's teeth, leading to a frantic search by Tommy and Chuckie.; Didi and Stu take Tommy to Dr. Lepetomaine, after Tommy was found drawing on walls. Tommy goes for an adventure around the office building, while Stu ended up being psychonanalyzed. 
8 8 "Real or Robots? / The Special Delivery" September 29, 1991 108

After seeing a Frankenstein-type horror flick, Tommy and Chuckie go see if Stu is a human or a robot. Stu, however, has a recurring sleepwalking dream, in which he is the host of a cooking show.; Stu ordered a doll from Eggbert Toys, his competitor, so he could check out their doll, "Tina Trousers", as a comparison to the doll he is making, "Patty Pants". Thinking that Tommy is getting a new baby in a mail, he hitches a ride with the postman to the post office.

Note: Stu says to Chuckie "your mom and dad will come pick you up in the morning", but later in the series, Chuckie's mom is revealed to have died. Either Stu was really tired and could not remember Chuckie had only one parent or Chuckie's mom died after the events of this episode and Chuckie was not told about it. 

9 9 "The Candybar Creep Show / The Monster in the Garage" October 6, 1991 109
The Pickles set up a haunted house for the neighborhood rugrats on Halloween. As treats, they pass out "Reptar Bars", which contain "chocolate, and nuts, and caramel, and green stuff". The Rugrats go to the haunted house to search for them, eventually scaring Angelica and Grandpa as well.; A monster goes around knocking stuff off the shelves; Stu places the blame on Spike; the Rugrats blame it on the monster. After hearing Boris' story about the "dibbick" fighting off the monster with his "klobbermeister", the Rugrats go into the garage in search for the monster. 
10 10 "Weaning Tommy / The Incident in Aisle Seven" October 13, 1991 110
On advice from Dr. Homer, Tommy's dentist, Stu and Didi wants Tommy to start drinking from the cup, so Tommy would not have any bad teeth or cross-bites later. Tommy, however, wants to stick with the bottle instead.; Grandpa takes Tommy to the supermarket, and Tommy sneaks out to find Reptar cereal. 
11 11 "Touchdown Tommy / The Trial" October 20, 1991 111

While Didi and Betty go shopping, Stu and the guys babysit the Rugrats while the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Oilers duke it out on the gridiron in "Ultra Bowl XXXVII". Later, Grandpa gives Tommy a bottle of chocolate milk; Angelica, who normally thinks she is too old for baby bottles, fights Tommy over it; someone broke "Mr. Fluffles", Tommy's clown lamp, and Angelica wants to find out who.

Note: in this two episodes, Tommy's theme cry first appearance 

12 12 "Fluffy vs. Spike / Reptar's Revenge" October 27, 1991 112
Angelica brings Fluffy the cat to Tommy's house; the Rugrats go looking for Reptar at the Sleazola Bros. fair. This Reptar, however, is a cereal addict named Leo. 
13 13 "The Graham Canyon / Stu-Maker's Elves" November 3, 1991 113
The Pickles experience car trouble en route to the Grand Canyon. Eddie and Ace, a couple of crooked auto mechanics working at "Twin Cactus Auto Repair", try to make a simple, cheap thing more expensive, but Angelica and Tommy inadvertently stopped them from further damage while playing in a "canyon" of tires.; Stu has received an order from Mucklehoney Industries for 15, 000 "Patty Pants" dolls. However, he is having trouble with the machine. Tommy and Chuckie fixed it while fetching the "Zippo-Glider", which Chuckie accidentally tossed into the basement. 
14 1 "Toy Palace / Sand Ho" September 6, 1992 201
After wandering away from their fathers, Tommy and Chuckie unwittingly ended up playing around in a closed toy store.; Intrigued by Grandpa's pirate story, the Rugrats play pirates themselves. 
15 2 "Chuckie vs. the Potty / Together at Last" September 13, 1992 202
Chuckie has a difficult decision to make - spend the rest of his life in diapers, or learn to use the potty.; Phil and Lil try, and fail, to face life separately. 
16 3 "The Big House / The Shot" September 20, 1992 203

While Didi is doing some errands, she leaves Tommy at a maximum-security day care center. Desperate for freedom, Tommy contemplates escaping.; Tommy gets his booster shot, but not without Chuckie and Angelica telling horror stories about - The Shot.

Note: in this episode the Big House, Tommy's theme cry third appear 

17 4 "The Showdown at Teeter Totter Gulch / Mirror Land" September 27, 1992 204
Tommy and Chuckie match wits with Prudence, a.k.a. "The Junk Food Kid", the local playground bully.; Chuckie and Tommy go through a mirror to see "Mirrorland", where "everything is the same, only different." Meanwhile, Didi and Grandpa examines various antiques that Didi purchased at "Cold n' Oldies", an antique store that doubles as a frozen yogurt shop. One of these "antiques" included a mirror, which Tommy and Chuckie used to go to Mirrorland. 
18 5 "Angelica in Love / Ice Cream Mountain" October 4, 1992 205
Angelica falls in love with Dean, a biker-type kid who is "a 4-year old's dream on a 5-year old's bike"; her heart ended up being broken when he pledged his love to someone else - his mother.; Stu and Drew take the Rugrats out for ice cream. While passing "Fun Land", a miniature golf course, they decided to stop on a spur for a moment to play a round of golf. While there, the Rugrats play through to "Ice Cream Mountain", a gargantuan sundae, made of plastic. At "Ice Cream Mountain" anyone making a hole-in-one gets a free game. However, Earl Skaggs, the owner, rigged it so no-one would get a hole-in-one. That is, until the Rugrats arrived. 
19 6 "Regarding Stuie / The Garage Sale" October 11, 1992 206
Stu falls down from the roof while attempting to install his new "Quack-O-Matic" weather vane (in the style of a duck, it gives the forecast, tells the time and temperature in other cities and predicts earthquakes, but does not give the wind direction). Suffering from amnesia, Stu reverts to his childhood and becomes one of the Rugrats.; To make room for some new stuff (including Stu's new stereo), the Pickles sell their unwanted goods at their garage sale, only to end up selling everything but the kitchen sink, thanks to the Rugrats. 
20 7 "Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick" October 18, 1992 207
A black out frightens the kids; Didi takes Tommy and Chuckie to the bank. 
21 8 "The Family Reunion / Grandpa's Date" October 25, 1992 208
When Grandpa goes to Chicago because he missed his train stop (likely on purpose), the Pickles stop in (fictional) Willoughby, Iowa, to attend their family reunion, hosted by Hugh Pickles and his wife, Dotti. Angelica tells Tommy and the other kids that reunions are swap meets for kids, with the kids being swapped. Her lie ended up backfiring on her, however, when a couple other farmyard relatives, Mackie and Edie, like a kid like Angelica, though changed to meet THEIR needs.; After 40 years, long, lost love Morgana, pays a visit. Morgana broke up with Grandpa over his affair with another woman named Trixie McGee, and never knew the real story. Also, Grandpa did not want her to know that he is a grandfather, so he rushed Tommy and Chuckie to bed. In any case, anyone would have to contend with Stu's new remote controlled couch, which is more like a mechanical bull for 2. 
22 9 "No Bones About It / The Beach Blanket Babies" November 1, 1992 209
Grandpa takes the Rugrats to the natural history museum. Later, the Rugrats dismantle a dinosaur skeleton while looking for a bone for Spike. While doing so, Grandpa locks horns with security chief Sally Payson, while rushing around the museum looking for the Rugrats.; The Pickles and the Finsters go to the beach. Chuckie has a personal mission -- to set free the "Sea Moneys" (Sea Monkeys) that his dad gave him. 
23 10 "Reptar on Ice / Family Feud" November 8, 1992 210
After finding a lizard, which to the Rugrats was "Reptar's Baby", they try to present it to him at "Reptar on Ice", one of those "Ice Capades" - type shows. The problem -- this Reptar's afraid of lizards.; The Pickles and the Devilles stop being neighbors and started waging war over what used to be a friendly game of charades. Stu bickered over Howard because Howard does not go to the movies very often, while Didi argued with Betty because of Howard and the movies. Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie find ways to stop this foolishness, while Chaz is in the crossfire, having to return everything the neighbors borrowed from each other, as well as listening to their constant bickering. 
24 11 "Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer" November 15, 1992 211
After visting a TV studio to see "Captain Blasto", a superhero program that ran on Channel 43 since the 1950s, Chuckie is convinced that he, too, can be a superhero. His first assignment: rescue the world from Angelica - literally.; Didi calls Ilsa Umlaut, a dog groomer, over to bathe and groom Spike; the Rugrats consider her evil. Meanwhile, Stu buys invention insurance from Allen Murphy, a crooked salesman. Another man came by to remove an old tree stump from the Pickles' front yard, but there was nothing crooked about him. 
25 12 "Aunt Miriam / The Inside Story" November 22, 1992 212
A visiting relative is mistaken for an evil alien; After Chuckie swallows a watermelon seed, the babies are forced to enter his body to retrieve it after Angelica tells a petty lie about it. 
26 13 "A Visit from Lipschitz / What the Big People Do" November 29, 1992 213
A famous child psychologist visits the Pickles; Tommy and Chuckie imagine their lives as adults. 
27 14 "The Santa Experience" December 6, 1992 214
After a traumatic Santa visit in the mall, the babies' parents rent a cabin in the mountains. Meanwhile, Chuckie is scared of Santa and wants to stop him, while Angelica tries to right a wrong involving Phil and Lil's toys and presents. 
28 15 "Visitors from Outer Space / The Case of the Missing Rugrat" December 13, 1992 215
Tommy dreams he is captured by aliens; Grandpa uses his skills from working as a detective in the 1930s to look for Tommy, after he winds up at the home of two eccentric sisters. 
29 16 "Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked" December 20, 1992 216
Chuckie's eyeglasses disappear during a game of hide-and-seek; a skunk sprays Chuckie. 
30 17 "Rebel Without a Teddy Bear / Angelica the Magnificent" January 3, 1993 217
Angelica helps Tommy "go bad" after Didi confiscates his favorite stuffed animal; Angelica experiments with magic, and Lil goes missing in the process. 
31 18 "Meet the Carmichaels / The Box" January 10, 1993 218
New neighbors move in across the street from the Pickles, where Tommy helps the youngest member of the family, Susie, find her room; The kids each find their own distinct uses for an old box. 
32 19 "Down the Drain / Let Them Eat Cake" February 7, 1993 219
Tommy and Chuckie are afraid of being sucked down the drain; The gang attends a relative's wedding, where Tommy and Chuckie seek cake. 
33 20 "The Seven Voyages of Cynthia / My Friend Barney" March 14, 1993 220
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally lose Angelica's favorite doll while Stu and Drew wash Drew's boat; Chuckie has an imaginary friend. 
34 21 "Feeding Hubert / Spike the Wonder Dog" March 21, 1993 221
The babies mistake a garbage truck for a creature that eats trash; the babies believe Spike has the ability to talk. 
35 22 "The Slide / The Big Flush" March 28, 1993 222
Chuckie is afraid to go down the playground slide after accidentally using a giant slide at a pizza place. Angelica intimidates him and the babies consult Susie, and she trains Chuckie to be "the bestest slider in the whole wide park"; The babies mistake a swimming pool for a giant potty. 
36 23 "King Ten Pin / Runaway Angelica" April 4, 1993 223
Grandpa competes in a bowling tournament, where Tommy and the others try to help Grandpa; Angelica runs away from home after an argument with her father. 
37 24 "Game Show Didi / Toys in the Attic" April 11, 1993 224
Didi appears on a TV game show, guest-starring Alex Trebek and Charles Nelson Reilly; Tommy and Angelica discover toys and some family history in Tommy's grandparents' attic. 
38 25 "Driving Miss Angelica / Susie vs. Angelica" May 2, 1993 225
After Angelica saves Chuckie's life, he becomes her personal slave; Susie and Angelica compete to see who is the best. 
39 26 "Tooth or Dare / Party Animals" May 9, 1993 226
Angelica schemes to steal Chuckie's teeth in order to get money from the tooth fairy; The grown-ups throw a costume party. 
40 1 "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster / Twins' Pique" September 26, 1993 301
The babies scheme to ruin a dinner party, as Susie fears she might have to move; Phil and Lil want to be different, causing the twins to become exaggerated versions of Chuckie and Angelica. 
41 2 "Chuckie's First Haircut / Cool Hand Angelica" October 3, 1993 302
Chuckie is afraid to get a haircut; Angelica attends Susie's day camp, where she struggles to fit in. 
42 3 "The Tricycle Thief / Rhinoceritis" October 10, 1993 303
The kids think that Angelica stole Susie's brand new tricycle; Angelica tells Chuckie that he is turning into a rhinoceros when she pretends to be a doctor while Drew helps Stu with taxes. 
43 4 "Grandpa Moves Out / The Legend of Satchmo" October 17, 1993 304

Grandpa moves into a retirement home after feuding with Stu and Didi, and Angelica and Tommy seek to bring him back; The babies go camping in the backyard, and things turn bad at night when they fear a "Satchmo" will capture them.

Note: in this episode Grandpa Moves Out Tommy's theme cry fourth appear 

44 5 "Circus Angelicus / The Stork" October 24, 1993 305

Angelica and the babies stage a circus after they are forced to leave one due to Chuckie's fear of clowns; Tommy thinks that he is getting a new baby brother, and tries to protect it.

Note: in this two episode Circus Angelicus Tommy's theme cry fith appearance 

45 6 "The Baby Vanishes / Farewell My Friend" October 31, 1993 306
Angelica uses vanishing cream to try to steal desserts while Drew tries to deal with Angelica's misbehavior; Tommy and Chuckie depart ways on their views of adventuring. 
46 7 "When Wishes Come True / Angelica Breaks a Leg" November 7, 1993 307
The babies think that Angelica has turned into stone after a bad wish; Angelica fakes a broken leg just to get attention. 
47 8 "The Last Babysitter / Sour Pickles" November 14, 1993 308
Susie's teenage sister, Alisa, babysits Tommy Susie, and Susie's siblings, but things go awry when a "monster" appears; Grandpa recalls a turning point in the childhood of Stu and Drew when Angelica gets a kaleidoscope. 
48 9 "Reptar 2010 / Stu Gets a Job" November 21, 1993 309
The babies supply their own ending to a movie when the tape breaks (it takes place in the future based from the kaiju film, Godzilla 1985, and Destroy All Monsters a Godzilla film from the Showa era).; Tommy tries to prevent Stu from going to work in the morning. The title of the first episode is the same title of the level in Rugrats: Search for Reptar
49 10 "Give and Take / Gold Rush" November 28, 1993 310
Tommy and Chuckie reluctantly share a new toy: an inflatable clown; The babies turn "money hungry" after finding a nickel on the playground. Everyone searches for nickels, but throw away other "junk' like $100 bills and jeweled rings. 
50 11 "Home Movies / The Mysterious Mr. Friend" December 5, 1993 311

The kids make "films" about their lives; Stu's new toy frightens the babies.

Note: in this episode The Mysterious Mr. Friend, Tommy's theme cry sixth appear 

51 12 "Cuffed / The Blizzard" December 12, 1993 312
Angelica accidentally handcuffs herself to Chuckie with a gift that is being sent to charity; A snowstorm comes to the neighborhood, and the babies imagine they are sledding to the North Pole. 
52 13 "Destination: Moon / Angelica's Birthday" December 19, 1993 313
The kids pretend that Grandpa's new trailer is a spaceship, and they go to the Moon to find Chuckie's toy; Angelica wants to be a baby to avoid having responsibilities of getting older. 
53 14 "Princess Angelica / The Odd Couple" December 26, 1993 314
Angelica thinks that she is royalty, and schemes to go to her "castle"; When Tommy stays at Chuckie's house while his parents are away, the two best friends learn that "you don't really know someone until you live with them". 
54 15 "Naked Tommy / Tommy and the Secret Club" January 2, 1994 315
Wanting to be like Spike, Tommy sheds his clothes and tries out naturism, and tries to convince the other babies to do it too. Stu tries to come with a way to keep on baby clothes; Angelica forces the babies to compete to see who gets to be in her club. 
55 16 "Under Chuckie's Bed / Chuckie's Rich" January 9, 1994 316
Chuckie thinks that there are monsters living underneath his new "big boy" bed; Chaz wins ten million dollars from a sweepstakes and lets wealth go to his head. Pat Sajak makes a cameo appearance. 
56 17 "Mommy's Little Assets / Chuckie's Wonderful Life" February 13, 1994 317
Angelica and Tommy nearly ruin Charlotte's business deal; An angel shows Chuckie what life without him would be like, when Chaz's favorite CD vanishes, and the horrible consequences are shown. 
57 18 "In the Dreamtime / The Unfair Pair" February 20, 1994 318
Chuckie has a hard time distinguishing dreams from reality; Angelica worries Phil and Lil about their parents playing favorites. 
58 19 "Chuckie's Red Hair / Spike Runs Away" February 27, 1994 319
Chuckie tires of standing out because of his red hair, so he uses Grandpa's hair dye; The Pickles' dog runs away, and Stu cannot get a good replacement. 
59 20 "The Alien / Mr. Clean" March 6, 1994 320
Angelica convinces Tommy, Phil, and Lil that Chuckie is an alien; Chuckie becomes a neat freak after his father tells him about germs. 
60 21 "Angelica's Worst Nightmare / The Mega Diaper Babies" March 13, 1994 321
Charlotte announces that she may be pregnant, which frightens Angelica to the point of her having a nightmare about her parents rejecting her, the new baby (voiced by Jim Turner) with a man's voice and later he was Godzilla-sized baby, the next day he and Charlotte tells Angelica that she may be un-pregnant; The babies pretend to be superheroes to get back their action figures of their favorite TV heroes from Angelica. 
61 22 "New Kid in Town / Pickles vs. Pickles" April 10, 1994 322
Tired of being picked on by Angelica, the babies meet a boy named Josh who turns out to be worse; Drew dreams that Angelica is going to sue them for parental problems
62 23 "Kid TV / The Sky is Falling" May 8, 1994 323
The kids create their own TV shows after Stu breaks the TV set. Tommy is the host of a game show, and Chuckie is the contestant. Angelica is the star of a commercial for some liquid in a bottle. Phil and Lil appear to be in a soap opera. Angelica then stars in a cop show where she is chasing the babies; Angelica tells the babies that it is the "end of the world". 
63 24 "I Remember Melville / No More Cookies" May 15, 1994 324
Chuckie's pet bug dies; Angelica swears off cookies after she suffers a stomachache, and reminisces of her first experiences with them. 
64 25 "Cradle Attraction / Moving Away" May 22, 1994 325
Chuckie falls for a new girl; Angelica's announcement that she may be moving prompts to babies recall how they first met. 
65 26 "A Rugrats Passover" April 13, 1995 326
While attending a Passover seder at Didi's parents' house, Boris and the kids (and later, most of the adults), get locked in the attic because the door does not open from the inside. To pass the time, Boris tells the kids the story of why Jews celebrate Passover, and how Moses saved his people from slavery.
66 1 "A Rugrats Chanukah" December 6, 1996 401
The Rugrats celebrate Chanukah while trying to settle a dispute between Boris and his childhood rival, Angelica tries to find a TV to watch a Christmas special, and Stu tries to make it to the synagogue. 
67 2 "Mother's Day" May 9, 1997 402
The Rugrats celebrate Mother's Day, and Chuckie wonders about his late mother. 
68 3 "A Rugrats Vacation" May 28, 1997 403
The Rugrats go on a vacation to Las Vegas in an RV. The Go Go's song "Vacation" is featured. 
69 4 "Spike's Babies / Chicken Pops" August 23, 1997 404
Spike looks after some stray kittens while Stu prepares for a barbecue; Chuckie catches the chicken pox. 
70 5 "Radio Daze / Psycho Angelica" August 30, 1997 405

Grandpa and the kids listen to an old detective radio show,and the kids feel they're living it; Angelica pretends to be psychic for goodies.

(This episode was dedicated to Andy Houts.) 

71 6 "America's Wackiest Home Movies / The 'Lympics" September 6, 1997 406
Stu and Drew compete against each other for a TV show prize by filming their children; Angelica meets Timmy McNulty, and makes the babies compete against his younger brothers in an Olympics-style event. 
72 7 "The Carwash / Heat Wave" September 13, 1997 407
Stu takes the babies to the car wash after a little accident. But Angelica takes over the car; A new friend helps the kids to search for water on a hot day, while Grandpa supervises the workers repairing the pipes. 
73 8 "Angelica's Last Stand / Clan of the Duck" October 4, 1997 408
The babies help Angelica at a lemon stand; Chuckie and Phil wear dresses as part of a festival, trying to feel the experience. 
74 9 "Faire Play / The Smell of Success" September 20, 1997 409
The gang attends a medieval festival, where they deal with a robotic dragon, ran by Stu; Chuckie takes part in an experiment to improve his nasal congestion. 
75 10 "The Turkey Who Came to Dinner" November 21, 1997 410
The babies try to defend a live turkey that Grandpa wins from being Thanksgiving dinner, Stu and Drew try to watch football, Didi and the ladies try to find food for dinner, and Angelica wants to hold a parade. 
76 11 "Potty Training Spike / The Art Fair" October 11, 1997 411
After being scolded for his own bad habits, Chuckie tries to potty-train Spike; Angelica thinks she is a gifted artist, somewhat on the babies' parts. 
77 12 "Send in the Clouds / In the Naval" October 18, 1997 412

The babies mistake fog for being in the sky and try to keep anyone from getting out; While on a fishing trip, Tommy and Chuckie lose her doll, Cynthia, and pretend to be "Wavy Seals" to save her.

Note: in this episode Send in the Clouds, Tommy's theme cry seventh appearance 

78 13 "The Mattress / Looking for Jack" November 1, 1997 413
Grandpa has problems sleeping, so the others try to replace his mattress with a better one; Charlotte's van breaks down en route to a Dummi Bears concert, and Angelica is mistaken for the daughter of an Italian restaurant owner when she goes to ask for help. 
79 14 "Angelica Nose Best / Pirate Light" November 22, 1997 414
A mosquito bite causes Angelica to be honest, remembering Pinocchio; The babies outsmart a crooked gasfitter looking for Stu's "treasure". 
80 15 "Dust Bunnies / Educating Angelica" September 27, 1997 415
The babies fear "dust bunnies" when the grown-ups clean the house; Angelica goes to pre-school, and must learn to share after a really bad moment. Educating Angelica also served as the pilot of the Rugrats spin-off "Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze". 
81 16 "Ransom of Cynthia / Turtle Recall" November 8, 1997 416
To get the babies' candy, Angelica fakes a ransom and makes the babies think Cynthia was stolen; The Rugrats, Stu and Chaz go to the mall and find a turtle by the fountain, in which they take it home to care for it. 
82 17 "Angelica Orders Out / Let It Snow" November 15, 1997 503
Angelica orders food from a deli using Stu's voice-changer invention; When the Pickles take their family Christmas photo in August, the babies think that Santa Claus forgot about them. 
83 1 "Hiccups / Autumn Leaves" December 6, 1997 702
Tommy catches hiccups, and the babies' attempts to scare him do not cure him; A change of season makes the babies think that the trees are ill, so they apply whatever remedies they think of, but this unfortunately causes Stu to believe that that somehow the backyard is haunted. 
84 2 "Grandpa's Bad Bug / Lady Luck" November 29, 1997 703

The babies fear that there is a "bad bug" in Grandpa Lou's bed; Grandpa takes the babies to a Bingo game at the "Senior Citizens' Center".

(This episode was dedicated to David Doyle.) 

85 3 "Crime and Punishment / Baby Maybe" December 13, 1997 704
Angelica tells the babies that police officers arrest bad people while Chas dates a police officer and Chas's glasses are broken; Didi's brother and sister-in-law consider having a baby and to prove it, babysit the kids. 
86 4 "The Word of the Day / Jonathan Babysits" December 20, 1997 705
Angelica learns a bad word from the host of her favorite children's show; Jonathan looks after the kids and searches for ways to blackmail Charlotte. 
87 5 "He Saw, She Saw / Piggy's Pizza Palace" December 27, 1997 706
Chuckie's latest crush has an over-protective brother; The gang goes to a pizzeria that resembles Chuck E. Cheese's, and try to get Angelica's tickets back from a pig that "stole" them. 
88 6 "Babysitting Fluffy / Sleep Troubles" August 29, 1998 707
Chas and Chuckie look after Angelica's cat while she is away; Tommy and Chuckie fear "the Sandman" after a story while Chas is out, so Stu and Didi are watching them. 
89 7 "The First Cut / Chuckie Grows" August 15, 1998 708
While playing at the park, Tommy saves some baby birds from being crushed by a runner. While doing so, Tommy gets a cut, and he is terrified after Angelica tells him that teddy bear stuffing will come out of the cut; The babies think that Chuckie has grown when his clothes shrink in the wash. 
90 8 "The Wild Wild West / Angelica for a Day" August 17, 1998 709
The kids take part in a Western spoof to reclaim ice cream coupons from Angelica; Tommy dreams that Chuckie and Angelica switch personalities. 
91 9 "Fugitive Tommy / Visiting Aunt Miriam" August 19, 1998 710
Tommy is mistaken for another troublemaking baby with a big tooth; Grandpa Lou takes the babies to Aunt Miriam's house for poker, where the babies think that the ladies want to eat Chuckie, who is ironically not concerned. 
92 10 "Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa?" August 13, 1998 711
Chuckie is nervous about riding his new two-wheeled bicycle; Stu and Didi accidentally leave Grandpa behind on a road trip, and Tommy and Chuckie try to give Grandpa a chance to catch up. 
93 11 "Journey to the Center of the Basement / A Very McNulty Birthday" August 15, 1998 712
The babies go down to the basement to retrieve a lost toy; The kids attend a rival's birthday party, where girls are left out due to cooties
94 12 "The Family Tree" September 17, 1998 713

Didi and Stu go on a cruise for their anniversary. Tommy stays at Chuckie's house, where Chuckie learns about his ancestors. While on the cruise, Didi gets seasick, and it turns out she is pregnant.

Note: This episode leads up to The Rugrats Movie

95 1 "Chuckie's Duckling / A Dog's Life" November 21, 1998 801

Chuckie adopts a duck that fled from a construction site; Spike's attempts to save Dil from immenent danger gets Spike in trouble with Stu & Didi.

Note: This is the first episode in the series that Dil appears in. 

96 2 "Chuckerfly / Angelica's Twin" November 23, 1998 802
Chuckie wants to be cute again, so he goes through his own metamorphosis; Angelica pretends she has a twin sister named Balina to get extra goodies. 
97 3 "Raising Dil / No Naps" December 6, 1998 803
Tommy and the babies try to educate Dil; The babies try to avoid napping for a toy. 
98 4 "Man of the House / A Whole New Stu" December 12, 1998 804
Tommy tries to run the household while Stu is out of town on business; Stu undergoes a makeover at a health spa after suffering from so much stress. 
99 5 "Submarine / Chuckie's a Lefty" December 19, 1998 805
While Stu shops for a used car, the babies imagine the test automobile is a submarine; Chuckie learns he is left-handed, and Angelica makes him feel like a freak. 
100 6 "Baking Dil / Hair!" December 27, 1998 806
Dil gets lost at the bakery; Tommy is under the false impression that not growing hair will keep him young forever. 
101 7 "Zoo Story / I Do" January 11, 1999 807
The babies go to the zoo and get trapped inside the pen, and end up accidentally freeing the animals in the process; Angelica forces Chuckie and Lil to get married after attending a wedding. They pretend Dil is their baby. 
102 8 "The Magic Baby / Dil We Meet Again" January 27, 1999 808
In an attempt to get Tommy's toy pony, Angelica trades the babies "magic beans", which Dil eats; The babies think that Dil has turned into a watermelon. Didi took Dil inside to clean him and Didi changed Dil's diaper. 
103 9 "Hand Me Downs / Angelica's Ballet" January 30, 1999 809

Angelica tells Tommy that he will disappear after Dil gets his old toys; Angelica performs ballet and conducts a show with the babies.

Note: The song from the ballet, "Cynthia Workout", was featured on the compilation album The Newest Nicktoons

104 10 "Opposites Attract / The Art Museum" February 13, 1999 810

The babies meet other kids who are just like each of them at the park; The babies see themselves in various works of art at the museum.

Note: This is the first episode that aired on Noggin. 

105 11 "The Jungle / The Old Country" March 20, 1999 811
The babies visit a flower shop where they think Dil is infected with "jungle beaver"; The babies visit their grandparents in the country and fear elephants. 
106 12 "Ghost Story / Chuckie's Complaint" March 27, 1999 812
The babies get involved in a ghost story with Aaahh!!! Real Monsters; Chuckie becomes afraid after Angelica sends Reptar an angry letter which she partially wrote, and signs Chuckie's name on it. 
107 13 "Pedal Pusher / Music" March 6, 1999 813
Chuckie gets a new toy car; The babies perform music videos. 
108 14 "Chuckie's Bachelor Pad / Junior Prom" April 4, 1999 901
Chuckie moves into his own place while his room is being remodeled; The babies hold their own prom. 
109 15 "Silent Angelica / Tie My Shoes" April 11, 1999 902
Angelica tries to say nothing to receive toys; Angelica ties Chuckie's shoes, and Chuckie gets the credit. 
110 16 "What's Your Line? / Two by Two" April 18, 1999 903
Chuckie looks at some careers, including ice cream man and librarian; The babies try to build an ark after fearing a huge flood. 
111 17 "All's Well that Pretends Well / Big Babies" April 25, 1999 904
Angelica tries to hide her cold to attend a performance; The babies perform an initiation ceremony for Dil for a club while the adults make a bet to imitate their kids. 
112 18 "Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects" May 1, 1999 905
Grandpa Lou competes in a wrestling match; Chuckie starts a new collection. 
113/114 19/20 "Runaway Reptar" May 27, 1999 906/907
The babies pretend they get sucked into an evil Robot Reptar movie, in which they must find Reptar and stop Angelica's evil Reptar. based on Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
115 21 "Share and Share a Spike / Tommy for Mayor" October 2, 1999 908

Dil and Tommy must share the dog; The kids hold their own election between Tommy and Phil.

Note: Nickelodeon reaired "Tommy for Mayor" as part of the 2000 Presidential Election. 

116 22 "Brothers are Monsters / Cooking with Susie" November 2, 1999 909
Tommy thinks he is turning into a monster after getting caught in hair; Susie gets a toy oven, but she cooks horribly while Stu tries out doorstoppers. 
117 23 "Officer Chuckie / Auctioning Grandpa" October 16, 1999 910
Chuckie studies street safety from an officer; The babies think Grandpa will be sold. 
118 24 "Partners in Crime / Thumbs Up" October 23, 1999 911
Angelica makes Dil her "partner" after watching a crime film; Tommy tries to stop the other babies from thumb-sucking after fears of staying babies. 
119 25 "Planting Dil / Joke's on You" October 30, 1999 912
Didi is planting dill plants, which the babies think is baby Dil; Angelica tries to turn the babies against each other with pranks. 
120 26 "Big Showdown / Doctor Susie" November 24, 1999 913
Didi completely re-models Tommy and Dil's room, against Tommy and the other's good will; Susie learns how to fix broken toys, but Angelica will have some sabotage. 
121 27 "Accidents Happen / Pee Wee Scouts" December 18, 1999 914
Chuckie wets the bed; The babies form a scout troop. 
122 28 "Chuckie's New Shirt / Cavebabies" January 11, 2000 915
Chuckie destroys his shirt, and he cannot find a replacement, and fears for his identity; The babies try to get to the cookie jar for Angelica in a dinosaur era. 
123 29 "The Incredible Shrinking Babies / Miss Manners" January 18, 2000 916
The babies dream that they are small and Dil is huge; Angelica tries to help with a business dinner for Charlotte's boss after learning manners. 
124 30 "A Dose of Dil / Famous Babies" January 24, 2000 917
The babies try to get attention than Dil; the babies want to be famous. 
125 31 "No Place Like Home" February 15, 2000 918
Susie imagines she is in a world similar to The Wizard of Oz when she is under anesthesia while her tonsils are removed. 
126 32 "Be My Valentine" February 11, 2000 919
Chuckie tries to give a Valentine to his dad. 
127 33 "The Rugrats Discover America" March 7, 2000 920
Tommy and co. take a ride on the Reptar wagon to see a pile of rockies, Graham Canyon, and the statue of Library. 
128/129/130 34/35/36 "Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts" May 20, 2000 921/922/923

The babies look forward to autumn, but then Angelica reminds them that change is not always good with Stu's robot Reptar, new diapers for Phil and Lil, and the babies gave up Reptar for thinking that he caused Grandpa to move out.

Note: This episode leads up to Angelica Pregnant Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. Also, this is the last episode to use the original theme song. 

131 1 "Finsterella" January 15, 2001 1001

Chuckie thinks that his life parallels that of Cinderella after hearing of the story. Chas and Kira adopt each others kids as their own.

Note: This is the first episode in the series that Kimi, Kira, and Fifi appear in. Also, this is the first episode to use the new theme song, but it is remixed. 

132 2 "Angelicon / Dil's Binkie / Big Brother Chuckie" January 15, 2001 1002
Angelica turns into a giant monster and destroys the city as a Godzilla and King Kong-style rampage (The episode, "Angelicon" is a parody of King Kong and the Japanese giant monster films); Dil's pacifier gets tossed around the house; Chuckie must protect Kimi. 
133 3 "Dil Saver / Cooking with Phil and Lil / Piece of Cake" January 16, 2001 1003
Stu makes a Dil screen-saver, and the babies think Dil is trapped in the computer; Phil and Lil make a pie their style; Angelica has a dream where she is powerful after eating cake. 
134 4 "Sister Act / Spike's Nightscare / Cuddle Bunny" January 17, 2001 1004
Angelica seeks a sibling after jealousy; Spike has a nightmare; Kimi falls for a pinata at a party. 
135 5 "Bad Shoes / The World According to Dil and Spike / Wash-Dry Story" January 19, 2001 1005
Stu has to wear uncomfortable shoes; Dil and Spike's perspective on the world; the babies fight the McNulty kids for Cynthia. 
136 6 "Dayscare / The Great Unknown / Falling Stars" January 22, 2001 1006
Chuckie and Kimi go to daycare; Tommy finds something weird on the stairs; The babies wish on shooting stars and fear they are falling down a la Star Wars
137 7 "Changes for Chuckie / The Magic Show / A Lulu of a Time" January 23, 2001 1007
Chuckie goes through adjustments with Kira; The babies visit a magic show; The babies see the retirement home with Lulu and cause predictable havoc. 
138 8 "Cat Got Your Tongue? / The War Room / Attention Please" January 24, 2001 1008
Howard loses his voice; Tommy tries to find Dil's bottle in a reception office; Kimi gets more attention than Chuckie. 
139 9 "And the Winner Is... / Dil's Bathtime / Bigger Than Life" March 9, 2001 1009
Angelica and Susie compete in a talent contest; Dil takes a bath with Tommy and fears the worst; The babies have "big" adventures. 
140 10 "Day of the Potty / Tell-Tale Cell Phone / The Time of Their Lives" March 13, 2001 1010
Chuckie breaks his home's toilet; Angelica breaks Charlotte's phone and hides it; Angelica gets a watch. 
141 11 "My Fair Babies / The Way Things Work / Home Sweet Home" March 30, 2001 1011
The babies attend a "lunch party" and must be formal; Tommy shows things to Dil; Chuckie believes Kimi is going back to Japan. 
142 12 "Adventure Squad / The Way More Things Work / Talk of the Town" April 22, 2001 1012
The Rugrats play a game; Tommy shows more things to Dil; Angelica hosts a talk show. 
143 13 "A Rugrats Kwanzaa" April 22, 2001 1013
The gang celebrates Kwanzaa. 
144/145 14/15 "All Growed Up" July 21, 2001 1014/1015
The Rugrats are now ten years older, and in school. 
146 1 "Pre-School Daze" May 13, 2001 1101
Angelica, Susie, and Harold go to pre-school. 
147 2 "Curse of the Werewuff" October 20, 2002 1102
Angelica tells the babies they will become their costumes at Halloween's end. 
148 3 "Bow Wow Wedding Vows" August 4, 2002 1103

Tommy fears Spike has no more time for him on Easter. Kira and Chas celebrate their first Easter.

Notes: This is Christine Cavanaugh's final episode as the voice of Chuckie. 

149 4 "Quiet Please / Early Retirement" September 7, 2002 1104

Chuckie loses his first library card and Chas deals with a book fine; The kids decide to retire while Angelica tries to watch an awards show.

Notes: This is Nancy Cartwright's first episode as the voice of Chuckie. 

150 5 "The Doctor Is In / The Big Sneeze" September 14, 2002 1105
Angelica decides to be a problem-solving radio doctor; Chuckie thinks he is allergic to Kimi. 
151 6 "The Fun Way Day / The Age of Aquarium" October 13, 2002 1106
Kira and Chas hire a guy to help boost Java Lava's popularity unknowingly leads to a game of hide-and-seek; The babies visit a boat-shaped aquarium and think the boat is sinking. 
152 7 "Daddy's Little Helpers / Hello Dilly" November 20, 2002 1107
The kids help their fathers; The babies believe that Dil has turned into a doll. (This episode parodies the musical Hello, Dolly!
153 8 "Cynthia Comes Alive / Trading Phil" November 27, 2002 1108
The kids mistake a teenager for a real-life version of Angelica's doll while it is being repaired; Angelica trades Phil so a group of older kids could play with him. 
154 9 "Murmur on the Ornery Express" February 15, 2003 1109
Strange things happen during a train ride to "Little Biendeltown", where Chuckie and Angelica's dolls vanish, as well as Minka's necklace. (This is a parody to Murder on the Orient Express.) 
155 10 "Back to School / Sweet Dreams" January 29, 2003 1110
Didi enrolls in college; Chuckie does not have a dream. 
156 11 "A Step at a Time / Angelica's Assistant" January 29, 2003 1111
Stu thinks Dil is walking after the babies manipulate him; Harold visits Angelica's house and Angelica must maintain calmness. 
157 12 "A Tale of Two Puppies / Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams" December 9, 2002 1112
The adults try to find buyers for Spike's two last puppies; The babies seek Lil's ring in a pet store. 
158 13 "Happy Taffy / Imagine That" March 1, 2003 1113

Stu and Didi hire a new babysitter for the rugrats; The rugrats become secret agents.

Note: "Happy Taffy" is the debut of Amanda Bynes as Taffy, the rugrats' new babysitter. 

159 14 "Club Fred" February 22, 2003 1114
The babies and the adults go on a vacation at a pirate-themed family resort, with predictably disastrous results as the babies search for a treasure and Angelica starts to use credit cards. 
160 15 "The Perfect Twins" May 13, 2003 1115
Betty's British cousins are nothing like Phil and Lil at a family reunion. 
161/162 16/17 "Babies in Toyland" December 21, 2002 1116/1117

The babies visit Stu's holiday village, where Angelica forces the Santa to quit, and the adults get stranded in Stu's Western cabin. Kira and Chas celebrate their first Christmas together. This title is a spoof of the 1961, 1986, and 1997 movies "Babes in Toyland".

Guest Star:James Belushi as Santa. 

163 1 "Clowning Around / The Baby Rewards" October 13, 2003 1201
The babies go to the circus; The babies have an awards show, and the awards go to all the others (Stu, Fluffy, and Angelica?). 
164 2 "Diapies and Dragons / Baby Power" November 16, 2003 1202
The babies go to a video arcade; The babies fear Dil is strong. 
165 3 "Bug Off / The Crawl Space" November 23, 2003 1203
The babies fear a mascot; The babies move into a crawl space. 
166 4 "Starstruck / Who's Taffy?" January 4, 2004 1204
Kimi gets cast in a movie; Angelica and Taffy switch places. 
167 5 "They Came from the Backyard / Lil's Phil of Trash" January 11, 2004 1205
The babies fear an alien invasion; Phil picks up trash. 
168 6 "Mutt's in a Name / Hurricane Alice" January 18, 2004 1206
Chaz thinks of a name for the puppy; Phil and Lil think a visiting friend is a disaster. 
169 7 "Bestest of Show / Hold the Pickles" January 25, 2004 1207
Tommy, Angelica and Susie compete in a pet show; The babies think Taffy does not like Dil. 
170 8 "Baby Sale / Steve" February 1, 2004 1208
Didi, Kira, and Betty go to a toddler clothing sale, where the babies think they will be sold; The babies make a snowbaby. 
171 9 "The Bravliest Baby / Gimme an 'A'" April 1, 2004 1209
Tommy loses his courage; The kids try to find an A for Didi. 
172 10 "Fountain of Youth / Kimi Takes the Cake" June 8, 2004 1210
In the series finale, the kids go to a cabin that makes a meaning to Drew, Stu, and Chaz; In the series finale, the kids search for a birthday cake. 

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Rugrats Tales from the Crib: 2005-2006Edit

# Episode Original airdate Code
1 "Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Snow White" 6 September 2005 DVDM1
Taffy tells the kids the tale of Snow White as the Wicked Queen (Angelica) plots to get rid of Snow White (Susie), who lives with the Seven Babies who work in their diaper factory.
2 "Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk" 5 September 2006 DVDM2

Three Jacks and a Beanstalk is the Rugrats spin on a classic fairytale. Combines Jack Sprat with Jack and Jill while they tell their own version of Jack and the Bean Stalk. The babies get some magical beans that grows into a giant beanstalk leading to a huge castle in the sky. There, a fairy (Susie) offers them a key to the castle if they get three things for the castle's occupant, the giant evil Angelica.

Guest Star: Mo'Nique as Aunt Moo

The Episodes Are Going To Be Followed In Every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures Movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy FIlms


  • Alvin Seville, Baby Bugs Bunny, Baby Kermit, Winnie The Pooh, Tiana, Charlie Brown, and all of the characters will guest star in this show.